Adjustable weight vinyl stabilizer for timbre tuning on turntables



”STB-MSX" is the original vinyl stabilizer produced with innovation concepts.
It is composed by detachable 10 parts and its weight is changeable by the number of the weights for your best timbre tuning. And with the optional carbon weight, "STB-CM" series, it can be equipped according to your taste.

Furthermore, "STB-MSX" can be used as 7" vinyl adapter by flipping it upside down.


Additional Tone Control Adjustment by Changing Weight Combination

STB-MXS is composed by 10 parts and can be assembled/disassembled by users. (top disk x 1, bottom disk x 1, weight x 6, central axis x 1, weight spacer x 1)

The total weight of the stabilizer can be customized for your favorite timbre tuning. In addition, with Oyaide's turntable rubber mat "MJ-12", it generates a synergistic effect for getting better sound quality.


Hybrid Materials of Aluminum, Brass, Carbon and Rubber

The combination of the hybrid material of aluminum, brass, carbon and rubber optimizes the vibration mode. It attenuates various vibrations by platter rotation and enhances the trace of the grooves.

Furthermore, the carbon weight spacer damps mutual interference of vibration. The STB-MXS extracts information on the vinyl maximally.

7" Vinyl Stabilizer by Flipping Upside Down

STB-MXS can be used as an 7" vinyl stabilizer by flipping upside down. Due to the convex with tapered edge, it fits smoothly to the donuts hole of 7" vinyl records.


Model Name STB-MSX
Materials A5052 Aluminum, Anodized treatment (Top / bottom disc)
Carbon FRP (surface of plates)
Chrome plated Brass (Weight ×6 / Center Axis ×1)
EPDM Rubber Spacer
Size φ70mm H35mm
φ20mm H17mm (Inside Weight)
Weight 200g (without all weights) ~ 440g (with all 6 weights)** weight changeable by unit (40g per weight)
Packing Top disk × 1、Bottom disk × 1、Weights × 6、Center Axis × 1、Rubber Weight spacer × 1)
Release date 2012/06/10