L/i50 V6

New L/i50 V6 inherits the traditional Oyaide sound



The main parts used in the L/i50 V6, such as the cable, power plug, and IEC connector, are dedicated audio parts that have been carefully selected "just to improve the sound". Oyaide products are manufactured under strict production control, using high quality materials, and are "Made in Japan" with a high level of precision.

While inheriting the DNA of the traditional Oyaide sound, the new product combines high speed, high resolution, and a vast sound stage, which are indispensable for modern audio.


Cable Conductor

The conductor is made of high-purity OFC with long-time low-temperature annealing. Wires are drawn slowly and over a long period of time at low temperatures to avoid abrupt changes in the stress strain that occurs during the copper drawing process. This homogenizes the internal structure of the conductor and ensures stable transmission.


The insulation material is reinforced silicone rubber with excellent vibration absorption and mechanical strength. It absorbs vibrations caused by momentary fluctuations in current load, suppressing unwanted echoes and enhancing the fidelity of the original sound. In addition, each of the four internal wires is covered with a reinforced fiber (Tetoron) sleeve to suppress resonance inside the cable and demonstrate excellent vibration control capability.

Star-quad twist structure is adopted

A star-cad stranding structure is adopted, in which the four conductors are twisted together in diagonal lines. The magnetic fields generated by the cable cancel each other out, resulting in lower inductance compared to normal cables and significantly reducing radiation noise generated inside the cabl

AC Plug and IEC Connector

"AP-029" audio power plug and "AC-029" IEC connector are adopted after reexamining all materials and structures. The new product incorporates unparalleled innovative ideas such as "dual housing structure," "flex cable clamping system," and "ARMORED mechanical grounding. Vibration damping is improved by easing the burden on the cable and suppressing unwanted vibrations. The solid brass blades with low contact resistance produce a more natural and wide-range sound.

MWA Sheet is attached around AC contact points

An electromagnetic wave absorber is included as standard equipment to cope with the modern digital environment. It absorbs magnetic distortion generated at the contacts and converts unwanted noise into Joule heat, greatly improving the quality of the power supply.


Model Name L/i50 V6
Cable L/i50 OFC (1.5m)
Cable Structure 4P Star-quad Structure
Conductor OFC (Hot/Cold)+ Silver plated OFC (Earth)
Conductor Size 2.0sq. x 4 (7/25/0.12mm x 4)
Wire Insulator Reinforced silicone rubber
Cable Outer sheath Material Tetoron sleeve (inside) + PET sleeve (outside)
Cable O/D 10.5mm
AC Plug and IEC Connector AP/AC-029
Blade Material Brass / Non-plated
MWA MWA Tape (0.1t)
Rated V/A 125V/15A <PS>E
JAN CODE 4582387109683

Release Date 9/30/2022

Release Note