CEE 7/3 AC outlet with 24K gold plated terminals and earth terminal


Oyaide SWD-GX-E wall-mounted power socket.


Dual-Spring Vise Structure

The Dual-Spring Vise Structure is newly-developed for the contacts of our new CEE7/3 AC power wall socket, SWD-E series. Due to its strong holding power and 9mm wide contact area, the contacts tightly hold the inserted AC power plug pins and reduce vibration at the contacts with no loss of AC power transmission.

Newly developed double-acting contact springs guarantee a firm hold for high pull-off or pull-out forces with a secure fit of the safety plug and reduce vibrations.

Receptacle Blade

■ Contacts
The basic material is deoxidized phosphor bronze for strength and secure contact. It has a high mechanical characteristic and high conductibility.

■ Plating

The plating process is started from foundation coating. The blade material which was punched out as a part is polished by hand piece by piece after machined barrel-polishing.

The plating of the SWD-E series was determined to provide a range of "flavors" or variations.
In order to improve not only electrical conductivity but also insertion and extraction performance and sound quality.

24K gold plating is for SWD-GX-E and a combination of 24K gold and palladium is for SWD-XXX-E.

On the earth terminal of SWD-GX-E is plated 24K gold.


■ Screws and connections

All screws are made of stainless steel which is also non-magnetic substance. Due to its high rigidity, there is no problem such as screw head rounded off.

All metallic components used, from the AC mains contacts to the earth terminal, are non-magnetic.

AC Power Wires up to 2.6 mm can be installed to the terminals..

Housing Body

■ Material

The main body of the outlet is made of PBT + GF30%, a high density engineering plastic material with both excellent mechanical properties and electrical isolation properties. Due to the highly rigid and high-specific material, we achieved to reduce the development of unnecessary vibration and distortion.

The cover cap is made of polycarbonate, which is characterized by very high strength and thus reduces or does not allow vibrations.


Plating 24K gold ( AC mains terminal) / 24K Gold (Earth)
Contact Material Phosphor Bronze (Buff Polished)
Housing Material PBT with 30% Glass Fiber Filler (Main Body)
Polycarbonate (Cover cap)
Rated V/A 250V/16A VDE
Handling wire diameters Up to 2.6 mm