Ultra high-conductivity 5N pure silver solid wire ground cable for turntables




Even before the resurgence of vinyl records, Oyaide Electric has released many items to satisfy vinyl lovers. These accessories continue to be chosen and loved as standard items.

Technics SL-1200 series has been expanded to the world of vinyl records and has presented a new style of listening to music. This can be seen as a counter to subscription music distribution services that allow people to enjoy music anytime, anywhere.

In a turntable, the ultimate in craftsmanship, every part has its role, and each has a significant impact on the sound output. It is only natural that Oyaide Electric, which recognized the importance of grounding in an audio system and was the first to introduce "Entreq" virtual grounding system to Japan, would focus on grounding turntables. In planning and developing a ground wire for turntables, Oyaide Electric examined everything from materials, insulators, size, and cost performance to the optimum wire, and the result is the "GND-47".

The unprecedented ultra-high-conductivity ground cable "GND-47" will improve the quality of your audio environment.


5N Pure Silver Conductor

5N pure silver 1.0mm solid wire is used as the conductor. Skin-passing and mirror finish on the conductor surface realize clear electrical signal transmission without distortion.

PFA Insulator

PFA (high-performance fluoroplastic) insulation, an ultra-low-dielectric material, is used for smooth transmission of potential signals. It provides ultra-low dielectric and high-dimensional support for the delicate weak signals of vinyl records.

Silk Sleeve

Silk, a natural fiber, is used for the sleeve, which shuts out external static electricity with its characteristic static electricity suppression effect.

Silver and Rhodium plated OFC Spade Lugs

OFC copper alloy is chemically polished and finished with silver + rhodium plating to maximize the rich performance of players and singers.


Model name GND-47
Conductor material 5N Silver, (skin pass finished)
Conductor size 1.0mm Solid Wire
Insulation material PFA (high performance fluoropolymer)
Outer Sleeve material Silk Braid
Spade connector OFC Copper alloy with silver + rhodium plating (inner diameter 5.5 mm)
Available Lengths 1.3m
Release date12/07/2018