P-3.5/4SR 4G

4-pole version of the P-3.5 series is now available


Oyaide Electric's "P-3.5 Series" mini plugs are consistently made in Japan, pursuing quality and functional beauty. The popularity of this series has remained unshakable with the rise of the portable audio market. In response to user demand, the P-3.5 series has now been joined by the 4-pole versions "P-3.5/4SR" and "P-3.5/4G".


In recent years, 4-pole 3.5φ mini plugs have been increasingly seen in input/output cables for earphones with remote control/microphone, headphones, and video cameras. On the other hand, there have been no 4-pole 3.5φ mini plugs that have been developed in pursuit of quality. The silver/rhodium-plated "P-3.5/4SR" and 24K gold-plated "P-3.5/4G" plugs are designed for users who pursue quality. These cables can be used for a wide range of applications, such as self-production, repair, and customization of earphone cables.

Can be Used in Various Applications Depending on the Wiring Method


※This is the pin assignment when is used from the pin tip.
Sony MDR-1A cannot be used with this plug because the mini-plug jack is too deep. Therefore, the MDR-1A left/right independent GND cable cannot be manufactured using this plug.


  • Two types are available: 24K gold plated "P-3.5/4G" and silver/rhodium plated "P-3.5/4SR".
  • Consistently made in Japan for quality and functional beauty.
  • For plug replacement repair and plug upgrade of earphone cables and headphone cables equipped with remote control/microphone.

*As of 2015, the polarity arrangement of mini-plugs is not standardized and varies depending on your earphones and headphones. Please check before you start working with them.

*We do not provide any support for the construction. Please do the work at your own risk.


Model Name P-3.5/4SR  P-3.5/4G
Plug type φ3.5mm mini plug 4-pole specification, straight type
Pin Material Machined Brass
Pin Plateing 24K gold (P-3.5/4G), silver + rhodium (P-3.5/4SR)
Outer Housing Machined brass + pear-shaped chrome plating (Max diameter φ8.5)
Connection Method Soldering
Maximum handling cable O/D 4.0mm
JAN CODE P-3.5/4SR 4582387101885
P-3.5/4G  4582387101878

Release Date 4/03/2015

Release Note