Noise suppression sheet (297 x 210 mm) using PULSHUT® (highly functional non-woven fabric) developed by Kasei Co.

It is an epoch-making noise suppression material that does not use any magnetic materials. It suppresses electromagnetic noise and radiation noise generated from AV equipment and cables, and reproduces sound closer to the original sound.


Oyaide Electric will release a new noise suppression sheet "NRF-005L" using PULSHUT® (highly functional non-woven fabric) developed by Asahi Kasei Corporation. Following the tape type "NRF-005T," which has been well-received since its release in 2022, the new "A4 size sheet type" has been requested by many customers.

While NRF-005T is suitable for wrapping electric wires and attaching ICs and electronic components, NRF-005L is suitable for attaching to large areas such as inside and outside of chassis and around the base of audio equipment.

Once again, our emphasis is on avoiding "no fish in a clear water". Audio accessories that claim to absorb noise must be carefully designed, or they may filter out the nuances and realism that should be present in music and video, and cause the music or video to lose its life.

The NRF series solves the dilemma of noise reduction and original sound fidelity, and offers a revolutionary and innovative product for all audiophiles.


PULSHUT ® : 5 Important Features

  1. High performance non-woven fabrics that do not contain any magnetic material.
  2. Effective against noise in a wide frequency range from MHz to GHz bands.
  3. Substrate is as thin as 0.05 mm and extremely lightweight.
  4. Excellent flexibility and can be attached to uneven surfaces.
  5. Both the sheet surface and the cut surface have high insulation properties, so it can be attached to conductive surfaces.

What is "PULSHUT®" ?


Conventional noise suppression materials have the property that the amount of noise suppression can be controlled by adjusting the magnetic material and the amount of magnetic material used. They have high magnetic loss characteristics and achieve their noise-absorbing effect by converting electromagnetic noise into heat. On the other hand, the impedance in certain frequency bands increases, which also affects the original sound waveform. This is similar to the properties of ferrite cores. This means that, as with EMC/EMI countermeasures, appropriate noise countermeasures were necessary for audio as well.

PULSHUT® is a highly functional non-woven fabric with a special surface treatment that provides high noise suppression performance despite its non-magnetic nature. This characteristic makes it possible to suppress only the noise component while minimising the effect on the original sound waveform.

NRF-005L Feature

nrf-005l_003_2400.jpg nrf-005l_005_800.jpg

NRF-005L is A4 size (297 x 210 mm) and features a highly versatile sheet form. PULSHUT® is extremely thin (0.05 mm thick) and highly flexible, so it can be cut to any desired size. Of course, there is no problem even if you attach an A4 sheet as it is.

nrf-005l_003_800.jpg nrf-005l_007_800.jpg

NRF-005L is packaged in a custom-made file. Please use this file to store excess NRF-005L.



Measurement of Acoustic Characteristics Performance of PALSHUT®

The noise suppression effect was verified by attaching PULSHUT® to a PCB (the one in the picture).
Model PC board (measurement image)


Magnetic field suppression effect * Observed frequency: 100-400 MHz
This confirms the suppression effect on "magnetic fields tied to the suppression of electric fields.

Electric field suppression effect * Observation frequency: 250-700 MHz

Electric field suppression effect (full surface attachment.) *Observed frequency: 250-700 MHz.


The electric field suppression effect can be confirmed by attaching PULSHUT® to the entire surface of the board.

Microstrip line measurement


Measured 97% absorption at high frequencies above 2.4 GHz
This shows that it has the same high noise absorption characteristics as conventional noise suppression materials.

Measurement of Acoustic Characteristics

sokutei_001.png sokutei_002.png

In the verification data ( Red Line is measurement with PULSHUT attached) of a related product, Asahi Kasei PULSHUT®MU (support changed to PP), which uses PULSHUT® as the base material, harmonic distortion analysis (1 kHz) showed that energy levels other than signal waves were reduced by approximately 4.71db, and pink noise analysis results showed almost no change in sound pressure levels. The pink noise analysis showed almost no change in sound pressure level.

These results indicate that PARSHAT® suppresses the effect on the original sound waveform and acts only on the noise component. The measurement results are representative values and are not guaranteed.

The Difference between "NRF series" and "MWA series"

Oyaide Electric has already received a good reputation for the sendust alloy-based electromagnetic wave absorber "MWA series" and the MWA series is one of the excellent noise suppression materials widely used within Oyaide Electric products as a key element of sound quality adjustment.

PULSHUT® is a completely new noise suppression material, and therefore has many different characteristics from the MWA Series. By determining the right material for the right job and using them together in your own environment, they can contribute to improving the S/N ratio and demonstrating the potential of your audio system.

NRT-005 Series MWA Series
Noise Suppression material PULSHUT® by ASAHI KASEI Corp.
(Special surface finish on high-performance non-woven fabrics)
Sendust alloy-based flat metal powder
Magnetism Non-magnetic material Magnetic material
Magnetic field suppression
Electric field suppression
Mechanisms Thermal conversion of resistive losses *Not magnetic losses
Thermal conversion of magnetic losses
Volume resistivity ≧1.0 x 10^12(Ω・cm)
※Highly insulating
5 x 106(Ω・cm)
※The suppressor material is conductive.
Thickness 0.05mm 0.1mm/0.3mm/1.0mm
Density 0.8g/cm3 69.3g/cm3
Effect on the original signal Almost unchanged irrespective of the amount used Changes as use increases
Effect on the noise The suppression effect increases with the amount used. The suppression effect increases with the amount used.

※The effectiveness of both of these products increases or decreases depending on the "distance from the noise source. It is recommended that PALSHUT® be attached close to a contact point or conductor that may be the main source of noise.

※The suppression effect of both products varies according to the "amount of noise suppressant used." However, since PULSHUT™ mainly suppresses noise components, there is almost no change if there is no noise to be suppressed.

※Noise suppression effects can be expected even in locations other than those recommended for use. Please do not be bound by stereotypes and try it on various types of audio equipment.

Reduced environmental impact by complying with RoHS Directive

The content of environmentally hazardous substances (lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, etc.) is below the limit of measurement and complies with the RoHS Directive.

Excellent noise absorption with simple use

It is very easy to use. By attaching it to the input/output terminals of audio equipment, around noise-prone areas, and on cables and plugs, it exerts a highly effective noise suppression effect. It lowers the noise floor without deforming or distorting the waveform of the original sound, and improves delicate expression with fewer incidental sounds. In addition, the effect on video is to reduce blurring of contours and increase the clarity of colors. In sound quality, the S/N ratio is improved, the center of gravity is stabilized, the localized sound image is brought into focus, the sense of noise filling the air space is eliminated, and the sense of sound field is expanded.

Cut and paste, Flexible Workability

Please use sharp scissors or cutters to cut the sheet type well. It excels in flexibility and can be affixed to curved surfaces such as cables, offering excellent processability and workability. The acrylic adhesive has reworkable adhesive strength, yet has sufficient holding power and can be reattached many times. The protective layer is made of PET resin, which remains stable even after cutting, allowing the non-woven fabric to be attached without fraying. The key to a beautiful finish is to apply it while applying light tension.

For Other than Audio Applications

arious applications as a high-frequency noise suppressant are expected.

*Example: "Noise suppression for devices that dislike magnetism," "As a lightweight and thin noise suppression material," "High-frequency noise suppression for PCs, smartphones, and game consoles," etc.

Cautions for Use

  1. Although the product can be used in a wide range of operating temperatures from -20 to 90°C, avoid attaching it to locations where overheating or cooling beyond this temperature is anticipated (CPU, GPU, vacuum tubes, etc.).
  2. Avoid using the product in such a way as to obstruct heat dissipation, such as by blocking heat dissipation holes in amplifiers or PCs.
  3. Avoid storing the product in direct sunlight.
  4. Avoid storing or using the product in high temperature and humidity as much as possible, as the adhesive may deteriorate.
  5. Wipe off any dust, oil, etc. on the adherend (mating surface) well before applying the adhesive.
  6. Although reworkable adhesive is used, repeated application and removal will weaken the adhesive.
  7. The adhesive is designed not to leave adhesive residue, but just to be safe, do not apply it to areas where adhesive residue is likely to be left.
  8. Although the adhesive can be removed by hand after application, please do not apply it to areas where it may be difficult to peel off.


Model Name NRF-005L
Noise Suppression material PULSHUT®※1
Adhesive surface Acrylic adhesive (low adhesion on one side)
Size A4 size (297mm×210mm)
Thickness Approx. 0.11mm (substrate 0.05mm + adhesive thickness approx. 0.06mm)
Density 0.8g/cm^3
Surface Resistance ≧1.0 x 10^12Ω/cm
Volume Resistance ≧1.0 x 10^12Ω/cm
Tensile Strength 3.5kgf/cm^3
Operating Temperature Range -20~90℃
Environmentally Conscious RoHS compliant, halogen-free, REACH compliant
JAN 4582387109843

Release Date 6/30/2023
※1 PULSHUT® are registered trademarks of Asahi Kasei Corporation.

Release Note