C-237 / C-246 / C-279

IEC-60320 C19 Connectors for 20A power transmission Three models are available with different plantings.


In recent years, the global market for high-end audio equipment has begun to adopt IEC 20A type (IEC60320 C5) inlets. Oyaide Electric, always striving to create products that meet the needs of users, has responded to these growing global needs and requests from users by starting shipments to various countries this spring, which have been well received. In Japan, Oyaide Electric has acquired the PS>E safety standard and will begin domestic shipments from this fall in response to growing requests for the IEC 20A type. Oyaide Electric's "P/C Series" has become a global standard. In response to growing needs and requests from users, the high-capacity 20A IEC connector will finally be released in Japan.

Oyaide Electric has always remained true to its instincts and continued to evolve. We have always stayed true to our instincts and continued to evolve in order to create products that are true to the instincts that drive us all, and to provide original sound that meets the tastes of all users. To expand the sonic options of plugs/connectors and to develop innovative products never before seen, it has taken many years of evolution. The result is an emotional and exciting sound that audiophiles can't help but be captivated by. In addition, the P/C Series plugs are the result of over five years of Oyaide's tradition and uniqueness in power plugs.

As with the other models in the P/C series, the core of the C-237/246/279 is the choice of materials and plating techniques that form the basis of the sound. As with the other models in the P/C series, the core of the C-237/246/279 lies in the choice of materials, plating techniques, and usability. The electrodes of the C-237/246/279 are made of phosphor bronze, which has already proven its performance in the P/C series. It is characterized by high conductivity and sufficient mechanical properties to reduce vibration at the joints and to achieve lossless transmission. Three types of combination coatings were selected for the plate, in keeping with the "P/C series. The outer cover is made of polycarbonate, which boasts outstanding mechanical strength among resins.


Blade Contact

■ Contacts
The blade holder, which is in contact with the inlet, is made of 1.4mm-thick phosphor bronze. This provides a strong hold. The load weight is normally 3 to 5 kg, but the plug can be held with a force of 7 kg or more. This plug is hard to pull out and can be used with peace of mind, even with slight vibrations.

■ Plating

The process of making the "C-237/246/279" into the ultimate product begins with the surface preparation of the plating. Once punched as a part, the material is mechanically barrel polished and then buffed by hand, one by one. This two-stage polishing process is unique in its application to audio equipment. Mirror finish and direct plating. The simplicity of the product is the reason why it must be made to the highest standards. Oyaide's philosophy and craftsmanship are condensed here as well.

Oyaide's original combination plating, which has been established as the individuality of each product through repeated listening tests. In addition, the buffing and polishing process is used. These processes convey an emotion that has never been experienced before.

The plating of the C-19 series are:

C-237 - combination of silver (1.5micron) and rhodium (0.3 micron).
C-246 - combination of 24k gold (1.5micron) and palladium (0.3 micron).
C-279 - 24k gold (2.0μ)

■ Contact point capable of withstanding a pulling load of 30 kg

The tensile strength of the blade holder and cable is more than 30 kg, and even a slight pull will not cause the cable to come loose. This is also the result of careful consideration of safety.


■ PBT + 30%GF Body
The body is made of high specific gravity engineering plastic material (PBT + 30% GF), which has both excellent mechanical properties and electrical insulation properties. The highly rigid body realizes high-speed vibration damping.

■ Stainless screws
Furthermore, all screws are made of stainless steel and are completely original screws made exclusively for P/C. Highly rigid stainless steel screws will not cause problems such as over-torquing, crushing of threads, or removal of heads. The maximum cable installation size is 10sq (5.5sq x 2 cables), boasting outstanding workability. The tensile strength of the blade holder and cable is more than 30 kg, so even a slight pull will not cause the cable to come loose. This is also the result of careful consideration of safety aspects..

■ High rigidity polycarbonate outer cover
The outer cover is made of PC (Polycarbonate) for its rigidity and hardness. It helps to attenuate tiny vibrations in quick response and reduce distortions by its superior mechanical strength.

Product Management System with Serial Numbered Hologram Seals

All Oyaide Electric's P/C series AC plugs and IEC connector are all labeled with a "hologram sticker" with a serial number for management purposes. The product is shipped in its original can case, which protects it from shocks during transportation.

It has been confirmed that counterfeit products that look very similar to the "P/C series AC plug and IEC connector are currently circulating.

All products are shipped in an "original can case," with a "hologram sticker" with serial number attached to the side of the main body, and the name sticker attached to the side of the main body has been changed to an "aluminum plate sticker" to distinguish it from counterfeit products.

Before your purchasing, please contact your local authorized Oyaide distributor if you are unsure.


Model Name C-246 C-237 C-279
Plating Silver(1.5μ) + Rhodium(0.3μ)
24K gold(1.5μ) + Palladium(0.3μ)
24K gold (2.0μ)
Handling Cable O.D. Min 6.5mm  Max 17.0mm Min 6.5mm  Max 17.0mm Min 6.5mm  Max 17.0mm
Maximum Wire Gauge 5.5sq / 10AWG 5.5sq / 10AWG
5.5sq / 10AWG
Rated V/A 125V/20A <PS>E
250V/16A CE
125V/20A <PS>E
250V/16A CE
125V/20A <PS>E
250V/16A CE
Release Date 2007/09/20