The premium IEC C-14 inlet with platinum + palladium plated terminals


A powerful setup for AC power IEC C-14 inlets exclusive for audio use has been born.

The main body resin is made of PBT, an engineering plastic containing 30% glass filler, which is not only durable but also has excellent anti-vibration and heat resistance, and can be soldered more easily than ordinary inlets.

The blade material is a phosphor bronze plate that is cut to high precision. The blade material is a high-precision phosphor bronze plate that has been hand-polished to a mirror finish and then plated with two layers of platinum and palladium to improve not only electrical conductivity but also insertion and extraction performance and sound quality. The terminal shape is also wide enough for FASTON 250 series terminals to be attached, so it can be used for both soldering and FASTON 250 series terminals.

As the name suggests, the "POWER INLET PP" has a high level of usability, and the included fastening terminals are also made of platinum and palladium-plated "FTL-PP," a specification that makes full use of the features of platinum and palladium plating. Everyone will be amazed at the impact that this seemingly innocuous little part has on power transmission.


The "POWER INLET PP" is a power inlet specially designed for audio equipment with a phosphor bronze blade that has been buffed to a mirror finish and finished with platinum and palladium plating.

It comes with Oyaide's original "FTL-PP" (FASTON 250 series terminals with platinum + palladium plating finish), and the wire connection is wide enough for FASTON terminals to be attached. With its smooth conductive performance, it will contribute to upgrading the equipment you use.


  • The main body resin is made of PBT with 30% glass filler, which has excellent durability and anti-vibration properties. The resin has excellent heat resistance during soldering and is less likely to deform or break, making it easier to solder than ordinary inlets.
  • The blade is made of phosphor bronze instead of brass, which is commonly used. Phosphor bronze is a high performance material with a proven track record in our power outlets and power plugs.
  • The inner side of the blade has a round hole with a diameter of 2.6 mm, through which a stranded wire of up to 3.5 scars or a single wire of up to 2.6 mm in diameter can be passed, enabling even stronger mounting when soldering.


Blade (L/N) Phosphor Bronze (Buff Polished)
Plating Platinum + Palladium
Applicable FASTON Terminal 250 series(6.3mm × 0.8mm)
Body PBT with Glass Filler (30%)
Rated V/A 125V/15A - 250V/10A CE
Withstand voltage AC 2000V / 1min.
heat-resisting property UL 94V
Equipment installation method 3 mm diameter screw(M3 screw.)
Inlet mounting hole dimensions 20mm × 27.5mm
FTL-PP (Platinum + Palladium plated FASTON 250 terminals) + PVC cover (3 sets)
Release Date 2018/4/13