The simplest 102SSC speaker cable series with 0.75sq., 1.25sq. and 2.0sq. variations



Innovative sound obtained by combining usability and performance and incorporating the latest materials.

EXPLORER V2 is Oyaide's most ambitious product yet, created to experience Oyaide Electric traditional concept of high performance through the pursuit of stoic simplicity.

EXPLORER V2 adds new value to speaker cables, expanding the possibilities and joy of your audio life.


"102 SSC" - Oyaide Electric Precision Conductor

  • To avoid impurities as much as possible, only virgin copper that does not contain any recycled copper is used in accordance with JIS C1011.
  • Peeling process is applied to remove 100% of impurities attached to the surface.
  • In order to facilitate the flow of electrical signals through the surface layer of the conductor, the strand is made finer using a natural diamond die to improve the surface smoothness of the strand.
  • The stranded wire is processed with a processing accuracy of ±1μm, far exceeding the standard error tolerance of ±8μm.
  • The world's first high-density, different-diameter conductor with a 3E twisted structure (patented) is used in the twisting process to increase the density and roundness of the strand and stabilize the electrical characteristics.
  • Two annealing processes are used to eliminate mechanical stress distortions in the strands.
  • Thorough product control of manufacturing control values, maintenance, shipping days, etc. Achieved the highest conductivity of 102.3% IACS.

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Patented "3E Stranded" Technology for Twisting Three Different Sizes of Wires Together


The 3E stranding structure is a concentric stranding arrangement of stranded wires in a lump-sum twisted wire conductor, and by arranging three different strand diameters, the stranding arrangement is made denser. By arranging three different strand diameters, the strand arrangement is made denser, enabling a finer conductor structure and improving conductor characteristics.

The strands of these three different conductor diameters are arranged geometrically to minimize the gaps between strands and improve strand density.

Furthermore, the outer diameter of the strands has been downsized to maintain a stable and highly accurate outer diameter, and the cross section after twisting is a perfect circle, an unprecedented conductor structure in the world. This ensures uniform adhesion between the insulator and conductor, eliminating random thickness of the insulation material and making it uniform.

Flex PE Insulation with both Electrical Properties and Flexibility

The insulator also reflects Oyaide Electric typical craftsmanship. Flex PE (Polyethylene) is used to achieve both electrical characteristics and flexibility.

Flex-PE is polyethylene, which has superior insulation properties among compounds, blended with additives to achieve flexibility without compromising electrical properties.

Geometric Design Minimizes Contact with Floor Surfaces


Its cross-sectional shape, which appears to be rectangular, is gently curved and widened like a bow-tie, creating a geometric design.

This makes the cable make a linear contact with the floor surface instead of a surface contact, thereby reducing the transmission of vibration propagation from the floor surface.

Furthermore, air dampers are laid out between the conductors to dampen vibration and suppress the rise in dielectric constant.

Three Different Conductor Size Available: 0.75sq. / 1.25sq. / 2.0sq.

EXPLORER V2 is available in three different thicknesses: 0.75sq., 1.25sq., and 2.0sq.. These are available to meet a wide range of needs such as pure audio, home theater, bi-wire connection, usage distance, cost, and so on.


Model Name EXPLORER V2 0.75 EXPLORER V2 1.25 EXPLORER V2 2.0
Conductor Material 102SSC
Insulator Material Flex PE
Structure 2P Parallel
O.D (mm) 0.75 : 3.14 X 7.8
1.25 : 3.60 X 8.6
2.0 : 3.90 X 9.2
Put-up Type / Length Reel(100m )
Release Date 2014/10/17