PA-2075 DR V2

The high quality 102SSC PA-2075 V2 cable with straight 5 pin DIN plug - RCA plug



The parallel layout coaxial structure, PCOCC-A conductor for the signal line, carbon layer/horizontal shield to protect weak analog signals, and specially designed rhodium-plated plugs are just a few of the features of the first generation "PA-2075 The first generation "PA-2075" was born from the uncompromising pursuit of performance. Its meticulous design concept and excellent performance made it the one and only phono cable by Oyaide Electric, loved by vinyl lovers all over the world. "PA-2075 V2" is the successor to "PA-2075"

"PA-2075 V2" inherits the original model and newly adopts the precision conductor "102SSC". The ground line is newly adopted as a silver-plated copper wire, as we found that the ground line has a great influence on analog reproduction. The thickness of the ground line has been increased 1.7 times. The signal line now uses fluoroplastic insulation (PFA) with superior electrical characteristics.

We hope you will enjoy the new "PA-2075 V2," which has undergone a major update.

For more information on the 102SSC precision conductor, please click here.


  • The new phono cable "PA-2075 V2" uses the precision conductor "102SSC".
  • While maintaining the basic structure of the original "PA-2075", the world's first introduction of the patented "3E stranding" technology for twisting the conductor.
  • The "3E stranding" is a patented technology that geometrically twists strands of three different wire diameters to achieve a denser conductor.
  • 2P parallel layout of coaxial structure signal lines is used.
  • Fluoroplastic (PFA) with excellent electrical characteristics is newly adopted as the insulator.
  • Foamed polyethylene is used for the interlayer to reduce signal transmission loss due to low capacitance.
  • The carbon layer/horizontal shield shuts out static electricity, which adversely affects sound quality, and protects weak analog signals from noise.
  • The horizontally wound shield also uses the precision conductor 102SSC, with 50 0.18mm wires arranged without gaps.
  • The outer cable sheath is a halogen-free sheath specially designed for audio with excellent vibration damping.
  • The ground wire has been newly changed to silver-plated copper wire.
  • The conductor cross-sectional area of the ground wire has been thickened from the first model to enhance the grounding effect (0.18SQ → 0.3SQ).
  • Marking of "PA-2075 V2" and "102SSC" on the cable sheath clearly indicates the new V2 model.
  • RCA plugs and 5-pin DIN plugs are exclusively designed with brass material and rhodium plating.
  • Plugs and cables are soldered with lead-free silver solder "SS-47" specially designed for audio.


Model Name PA-2075 DR V2
Cable PA-2075 V2 1.2m
Cable Structure Two parallel single-core shielded wires (ground line intermediary between the two wires)
Conductor material 102SSC
Conductor size / AWG 0.5sq(19/3E)/ AWG20
Insulation material Fluoroplastic(PFA)
Filler material Foamed polyethylene
Shield One layer:Carbon-containing compounds Two layer:102SSC Spiral shoeld(50/0.18mm)
Outer Jacket material Halogen-free sheath for audio
Ground wire Silver plated copper wire 0.3sq
Cable diameter(nominal) 5.2mm×12.4mm
RCA plug Brass / Rhodium plating + Fluorine resin insulation
5pinDin Brass / Rhodium plating + Fluorine resin insulation
Spade connector Brass / Rhodium plating
Release Date 2014/11/14