L/i50 EXs II

The first renewal in 19 years
High-end model of the "L/i50" series is now available


L/i50 EXs II pursues the total production of sound with its own products by insisting on "complete made in Japan," that is, all parts are produced domestically. The environment of audio files has changed rapidly over the past 19 years, and at the same time, the needs for power cables have also changed. The L/i50 EXs II is a high-end product that adapts to today's music environment.

While inheriting the DNA of the traditional Oyaide sound, it has been reborn as a product that combines high speed, high resolution, and a vast sound stage, all of which are essential for modern audio.


OFC Conductor


The conductor is made of high-purity OFC with long-time low-temperature annealing. Wires are drawn slowly and over a long period of time at low temperatures to avoid abrupt changes in the stress strain that occurs during the copper drawing process. This homogenizes the internal structure of the conductor and ensures stable transmission.

Cable Insulator

The insulation material is reinforced silicone rubber with excellent vibration absorption and mechanical strength. It absorbs vibrations caused by momentary fluctuations in current load, suppressing unwanted echoes and enhancing the fidelity of the original sound. In addition, each of the four internal wires is covered with a reinforced fiber (Tetoron) sleeve to suppress resonance inside the cable and demonstrate excellent vibration control capability.

4P Star-Quad Structure L/i50 EX Cable

A star-quad twist structure is adopted, in which the four conductors are twisted together on a diagonal line. Each of the four internal conductors is covered with a reinforced fiber (Tetoron) sleeve to suppress resonance between the cables and provide excellent vibration control. This reduces resonance between the cables and provides excellent vibration control.

Cable Exterior

The exterior is simple, using only a reinforced fiber sleeve, disregarding the coloring of the material. Anti-static treatment is applied to prevent static electricity charge due to friction, etc.

The cable color is a brilliant "sapphire blue," continuing the lineage from the first L/i50 EX released in 2002 and elevating it to a highly original coloring that symbolizes the L/i50 EXs II.

AC Power Plug and IEC Connector


The power plug connector, the most distinctive feature of the L/i50 EXs II, was designed as a dedicated component for the L/i50 EXs II. Based on the "ARMORED series" of audio power plugs and connectors, of which all materials and structures were reviewed, the sapphire blue AP-037EX and AC-037EX are used.

The ARMORED series incorporates unparalleled innovative ideas such as "Dual Housing Structure," "Flex Cable Clamping System," and "ARMORED Mechanical Grounding. Vibration damping is improved by easing the burden on the cable and suppressing unwanted vibrations. The electrodes are made of deoxidized phosphor bronze + polished twice, followed by thick-wall silver plating (1.5μ) + rhodium plating (0.3μ).

Electro Magnetic Interference Absorber Tape


To adapt to the modern music environment, two layers of electromagnetic wave absorbers "Oyaide Denki NRF-005T" and "Oyaide Denki MWA-010T" are wound.

The "NRF-005T" suppresses radiation noise and electric field noise generated from power cables through resistive loss, achieving both further quietness and original sound fidelity. Furthermore, the "MWA-010T" absorbs magnetic distortion generated at the contact point and converts unwanted noise into Joule heat, thereby greatly improving the quality of the power supply.

These synergistic effects allow the L/i50 EXs II to demonstrate its potential for vivid reproduction of music.


sapphire blue

Model Name L/i50 EXs II
Cable(Length) 1.8m
Cable structure Star-quad structure
Conductor material OFC(Hot/Cold)+ Tinned plated OFC(Earth)
AWG size 2.0SQ x 4(7/25/0.12 x 4)
Insulation material Reinforced silicone rubber
Outer jacket material Tetoron sleeve (inside) + PET sleeve (outside)
Cable Color
Cable O/D 10.6mm
AC Plug / IEC Connector AP-037EX / AC-037EX (sapphire blue outer cover)

Blade material & plating material Deoxidized phosphor bronze, polished, thick silver plating (1.5μ) + rhodium plating (0.3μ)
EMI Absorption materials NRF-005T (0.05t) + MWA-010T (0.10t)
Rated V/A 125V/15A <PS>E
JAN CODE 4582387109676
Retail Price Open price

Release Date 12/01/2023