Premium grade 4-Outlet AC power strip with 2.0mm silver hookup wire


For more than 15 years since its launch, the MTB AC power strip series has been the flagship model of Oyaide Electric's audio AC power strips, and has been favored by many audiophiles. During this time, the environment surrounding music playback has been changing rapidly, with the spread of high-resolution playback, high-quality music streaming, and the evolution of technologies such as D/A converters changing the elements required of power supply accessories.

The new MTB-4 II is a AC power strip that has been brushed up in every detail to adapt to the evolution of the current audio environment and to allow more audiophiles to use the MTB series for a longer period of time. The "MTB-4 II" and "MTB-6 II" are newly born.


New Tuning that Focuses on the Quality of Evolution rather than just the Quantity of Sound Change

"MTB-6 II" and "MTB-4 II" have the same 2 mm thick non-magnetic brass enclosure as the previous "MTB" models.
The "MTB-6 II" and "MTB-4 II" inherit the basic elements of the previous "MTB" models, such as the 2mm-thick non-magnetic brass enclosure, 2mm-diameter sterling silver internal wiring with skin pass processing, the parallel connection of the "SWO-DX-ULTIMO" power outlet specially designed for the MTB with direct plating after mirror surface treatment, and the absence of a noise filter circuit.

While inheriting the basic elements of the SWO-DX-ULTIMO, such as parallel connection and no noise filter circuit, the new SWO-DX-ULTIMO has improved vibration control by dispersing the resonance point with a composite configuration of different materials, and thoroughly strengthened the grounding area.

While retaining the dry sound with a sense of speed and power that is said to be the hallmark of Oyaide's AC power supply accessories, we have created a new balance to meet the needs of an age that demands more accurate and higher resolution reproduction.

Due to the nature of the "MTB" series of products, which are power supply tap enclosures without power cables, the nature of the sound varies depending on the power cable connected to the wall outlet.

However, among the many Oyaide power strips, the carefully controlled neutral nature of the "MTB II" series does not interfere with the sound quality tendencies of your favorite audio system or accessories. The "MTB II" series' carefully controlled neutral nature does not interfere with the sound quality tendencies of your audio system or accessories, but faithfully brings out the true charm of the sound source and reproduces musical details with greater depth and definition, regardless of the music genre.

"The MTB II series has been tuned with a focus on the quality of evolution rather than the quantity of sonic change, in order to give audiophiles a new level of pleasure.

Design to Faithfully Bring Out the Charm of Music and Reproduce it More Vividly

In the original "MTB" series, the emphasis was placed on vibration suppression with a highly rigid brass housing and power outlet. However, by adopting new parts such as honeycomb washers and machined POM (polyacetal) resin washers, the vibration suppression has been further improved by efficiently dispersing and absorbing the vibration of the chassis and the resonance points of each part.

By suppressing micro-distortions caused by vibrations and resonances, we were able to reduce the saturation and unpleasant sound habits that appear in the middle and high frequency ranges, and achieve a flatter, more balanced sound, with more accurate timing and focus of sound in each band. In addition to the wide bandwidth range inherent in metal enclosures, the well-balanced bandwidth with no sonic quirks reduces the muddiness of the sound image between speakers during playback, giving a clearer sound image and localization, so you won't get tired of listening for a long time.

For the inlet of the AC power supply, a new "Power Inlet PP" made of deoxidized phosphor bronze with platinum and palladium plating is used. In addition to the difference in sound character due to the change in terminal material and plating specifications, the new model has a larger terminal area on the back side of the inlet and a larger soldering area, which allows a thicker 2mm diameter silver single wire to be securely soldered to the inlet terminal, reducing contact resistance at the contact point.

The importance of the grounding area in the sound creation of audio accessories has tended not to be taken into consideration in the past. However, Oyaide Electric has reaffirmed the importance of grounding components based on the knowledge gained from the ground box products it handles, and has selected the current components after repeated listening tests under various conditions, from the internal wiring and terminals used to the routing.

For the grounding wiring material, "3398-14" with XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) insulation was newly adopted on the 102SSC precision conductor. In addition, the internal connection terminals are made of oxygen-free copper material with silver + rhodium plated round terminals, embodying the thorough attention to grounding.

As a result, even when the equipment is grounded, the "sound" during playback is quieter than with previous models in the "MTB" series. Even in high-resolution playback, which has a vast dynamic range and fine musical information, the subtle nuances of fading sound reverberation and even the silence of gaps in the music can be felt even more faithfully, expressing the delicate sound creation intended by musicians and recording engineers.

In addition, the center of gravity of the low frequency range of the sound source has been lowered during playback, improving the visibility of the mid frequency range where important information for the sound source is gathered, making separation and depth of sound even clearer than before, and contributing to improved reproduction of the sense of sound field.

The new all-black appearance of the "MTB II" series, together with the new matte-black coating on the brass housing and the black-faced power outlet, is a fearless departure from the traditional metallic "MTB The new all-black exterior of the "MTB II" series, together with the black-faced outlet, gives the impression of being fearless and calm, different from the previous metallic "MTB" series.

2mm Thick Non-magnetic Brass Chassis

The enclosure is made of a non-magnetic 2mm thick brass plate, which is extremely rigid and has excellent vibration damping characteristics and is highly resistant to noise. The surface of the main unit is newly painted matte black, and together with the black-faced "SWO-DX ULTIMO" outlet, the new all-black appearance of the "MTB II" series is a completely different and fearless look from the conventional "MTB" series. The new all-black appearance of the "MTB II" series, together with the black-faced "SWO-DX ULTIMO" outlet, gives a fearless and calm impression that is completely different from the conventional "MTB" series.

Brass Drawer Post

Each power outlet is supported by a brass post from the bottom of the chassis in order to minimize vibration generated by the outlet and chassis resonance. As a result, the MTB-4 II and MTB-6 are not affected by vibrations from the top panel, etc. as much as possible, and a high-speed, high-quality tone with an extremely wide range and no blurring can be obtained.

In the "MTB-4 II" and "MTB-6 II", the outlet support section has been changed from the previous fluorine resin washer to a different material composite configuration using a POM (polyacetal) resin washer and a flame-retardant honeycomb washer. In the "M-6 II", the outlet support was changed from fluorine resin washer to POM (polyacetal) resin washer and flame-retardant honeycomb washer. This effectively disperses and absorbs vibrations and resonances from the chassis, outlets, and connected power cables, further realizing the vibration control effect.

4N Pure Silver 2mm Solid Wire for AC Main Paths

For the internal wiring of the power supply, 4N pure silver 2mm single wire is used in a fluoroplastic tube.

Usually, annealing is used to soften metals, but the silver wire used in this product is skin-passed to further improve its quality. However, if the metal is left as it is, it has a weak back and is prone to tensile strain in the next stage of processing, so this rolling process is used to correct this and improve the surface finish at the same time.

Oyaide's original skin-passed silver wire, which is produced under such advanced production control, has a unique air of warmth and produces a gorgeous and beautiful melody, compared to ordinary silver wire, which has a cold sound. In addition, a separation method (parallel wiring) is adopted for wiring, in which power is supplied directly from the inlet to each outlet, eliminating the variation in sound caused by series wiring at each outlet.

Original "SWO-DX ULTIMO" Outlet

It is no exaggeration to say that the outlet is the most important part of a power strip. Even though it is an audio accessory, as a manufacturer of products related to AC power supply, we give first consideration to the most important safety. It is absolutely necessary to eliminate the possibility of heat generation and fire due to the loosening of the terminal contact as the holding power of the blade receiving part (outlet insertion part) that holds the power plug decreases in the future.

The terminal material of the blade receiving part of this product is non-magnetic, deoxidized phosphor bronze in consideration of the balance of electric conductivity, hardness, corrosion resistance, and bend formability. Phosphor bronze is used as a blade holder terminal because it has excellent springiness and minimal sagging. Therefore, it can be used safely for many years compared to other outlets with blade receiving terminals made of soft pure copper material, because it can maintain the holding power of the blade receiving part for a long time.

Our original SWO series outlets have been used by many people for a long time since their launch in 2002, and have built up outstanding reliability through their achievements.


The blade receiving terminals punched out of the plate material are barrel polished and then further buffed (mirror finish) to remove roughness from the contact surface of the terminals, one by one by craftsmen. This is Oyaide Electric's original finish, and the smooth terminal surface serves to reduce the concentrated resistance of the contacts, creating a clear difference in sound from outlets with terminals that have only been primed with magnetic nickel, which are used as standard.

After the mirror finish, the terminals are directly plated with two layers of thick pure silver + rhodium. The purpose of this is to improve conductivity by silver plating and to prevent corrosion of the underlying metal and increase in film resistance by rhodium plating. In addition, the hardness of the plating material, contact resistance, and electrochemical potential between different metals are taken into consideration when making the selection.


Original "Power Inlet PP" IEC C-14 Inlet


For the inlet of the power supply, which is an important part of the case, we have adopted the "Power Inlet PP", which is made of deoxidized phosphor bronze material with mirror finish and two layers of platinum and palladium plating.

The new model has larger terminals on the back side of the inlet and a larger soldering area to ensure that the thick 2mm diameter silver single wire can be soldered to the inlet terminals, reducing contact resistance at the contact points." The platinum + palladium plating of the "Power Inlet PP" gives the "MTB II" series a new look with its high speed and rich sound.

MWA Electromagnetic Wave Absorbing Tape around Contact Points

Our electromagnetic wave absorption tape "MWA-010T" is used around the contact points of IEC inlets and power outlets, which are important for connecting the power cable and the tap itself. This absorbs the magnetic noise generated at the contact points and reduces the magnetic distortion caused by the contacts.

"102 SSC" 3398-14 is used for the ground wiring inside the chassis.

The importance of grounding in audio equipment. Oyaide Electric was one of the first companies to introduce the "Entreq" ground box products, and we know the effects of the material and conductor size of the ground wire. In the new "MTB II" series, the ground wire was selected as an important part of the audio components because we consider it to be an element that affects the sound quality.

After repeated listening tests under a variety of conditions, we decided to use the 2 sq conductor size "3398-series", which is manufactured exclusively for our own components, instead of Oyaide's "3398-series", which is a wiring material that uses the precision conductor "102 SSC" for the "MTB II" series. For the "3398-14" series, we decided to use the 2 sq. conductor size 3398-14, which is manufactured exclusively for our own use. In addition, for the ground connection terminal, we used a round terminal made of oxygen-free copper material with silver + rhodium plating, embodying our thorough attention to the grounding area.

Brass Spikes for 3-point or 4-point Support Options


Normally, rubber feet are used to transmit vibrations to the floor, but this product comes standard with high-precision brass spikes specially machined from brass material. In addition, honey-nite washers, which are known for their damping properties, are inserted between the spikes to suppress vibrations from the floor and the enclosure, reducing the "squeal" caused by the enclosure.

INS-BS can be Installed with M3 Screws


Our INS-BS (sold separately) can be screwed into place. After removing the spike, you can install the INS-BS with M4 stainless steel screws.

"SS-47" Solder Specially Designed for Audio


Oyaide Electric's original "SS-47" solder is used for soldering the internal wiring inlets. The purity of tin used in conventional solders is 99.9% (3N) for cost reasons, but SS-47 is made from a higher purity of tin that is 99.993% (4N) or higher, with no impurities. In addition, silver and copper have been added to improve the conductivity and prevent the solder from being eaten away. The ratio of silver in standard audio alloy solders is 3 to 3.5%, but SS-47 contains a generous 4.7%. In addition, it contains 1.7% copper, which has the second highest conductivity after silver among metals. This blend ratio has dramatically improved the conductivity.

Of course, these mixing ratios were not determined based on numerical data and workability alone. We believe that sound quality should be the top priority in order to be called an audio solder. SS-47" is the result of many hearings and tests of prototype models with various mixing ratios.


Model name MTB-4Ⅱ
Case 2.0mm thick brass housing (painted matte black)
outlets SWO-DX-ULTIMO for MTB II (thick silver plating + rhodium plating)
Hookup wire 4N pure silver 2.0mm solid wire (AC power part) / Oyaide 3398-14 (ground part)
AC inlet IEC-60320 C-14 Inlet (Power Inlet PP - Platinum Plated + Palladium Plated)
Spikes Brass spikes
Solder Oyaide SS-47
Case dimensions/weight W75mm x D275mm x H60mm
Weight 1,580g
Rated V/A 125V/15A <PS>E
Release Date 2021/6/25