MWA Sheet and Tape

The electro-magnetic wave absorber series protects your equipments from various noise contamination.


The environment surrounding audio/visual equipment can be described as a constant battle against noise. For example, digital home appliances such as CD players, TVs, BD recorders, and PCs, as well as home appliances with switching power supplies (inverter power supplies), generate high-frequency noise (electromagnetic noise) over a wide bandwidth due to motor rotation and switching operations. In addition, AV equipment generates rectification noise from the power supply circuit.

These noise components are transmitted through the power supply path, signal path, etc., and spread throughout the entire AV system. Noise components amplify jitter (signal distortion) in digital transmission and beat down to the audible range, resulting in reduced S/N and resolution, and in video equipment, increased blurring and loss of color clarity.

Oyaide Electric has previously commercialized the MSI-30 Series of manganese-based electromagnetic wave absorbers, but we have begun development of a new type of electromagnetic wave absorber with the aim of achieving even higher performance. We set out to develop a new type of electromagnetic wave absorber that would exceed conventional products and effectively eliminate noise. We also focused on not falling into the trap of "no fish in a clear water. Without careful design, audio accessories that claim to absorb noise can filter out the nuances and realism that should be present in music and video, and cause them to lose their vitality.

Among various materials, we focused on "sendust alloys (sendust)," a material that has strong noise absorption capability without causing side effects on sound and image quality. SENDUST alloys have high magnetic loss properties, which are higher than those of permalloy alloys, which have been widely used as electromagnetic wave absorbers. However, sendust alloys are expensive and difficult to process, and it has been especially difficult to produce fine powders.

In cooperation with a processing manufacturer with advanced technology, Oyaide Electric has succeeded in processing the sendust alloy into a flat powder with high electromagnetic wave absorption performance. Furthermore, the flat powder is oriented parallel to the polyethylene-based special rubber layer by a special manufacturing method to achieve maximum electromagnetic wave absorption performance. In addition, the sheet/tape has sufficient tensile strength and stretchability, and is flexible and easy to work with.

The MWA Series of noise-canceling electromagnetic wave absorbers, which are more powerful than previous products, absorb noise components in the GHz band more powerfully due to the high magnetic loss characteristics of the sendust alloy. It is a new standard for electromagnetic wave absorbers that converts noise into Joule heat and dissipates it, suppressing unwanted electromagnetic field resonance. By attaching it to your equipment and cables, it shuts out AV equipment from noise, eliminating the sense of noise and distortion. Clear and vibrant music and images are realized.


Sendust Alloy-based Flat Metal Powder

SENDUST alloy, a material that has strong noise absorption capability with no side effects on sound and image quality, is used. SENDUST is an old and new material, which was developed in Sendai in the 1930s. It is a purely domestic alloy made of Al, Fe, and SiO2 with high magnetic loss capacity. We have succeeded in processing Sendust alloy, which is expensive and difficult to process, into a flattened powder with high electromagnetic wave absorption performance. Furthermore, an oxide film is formed on the surface of the powder to ensure insulation.

Polyethylene-based special rubber

Polyethylene-based special rubber is used as the base material to fill the sendust alloy evenly and closely, and is mixed in the best mixing ratio. Furthermore, the flattened powder is oriented uniformly and parallel to the polyethylene-based special rubber layer by a special manufacturing method to achieve maximum electromagnetic wave absorption performance.

Wide range of applications including AV equipment, power supply paths, PCs, home appliances, etc.

It is effective when applied to areas prone to noise, such as around transformers, chassis, and input/output terminals of AV equipment. It is also recommended to wrap around the plugs of power cables and audio/video signal cables (which easily radiate noise and are exposed to noise), and to attach to the sides of wall outlets and outlet plates. It can also be used around chassis and power supplies of personal computers, modems, hard disks, and other peripheral devices that are prone to emit noise, as well as electronic musical instruments and recording equipment. It can also be used for various purposes, such as noise suppression for general household appliances.

For example, for noise absorption around power supply plugs and outlets. The effect of MWA is also noticeable near plugs, outlets, and other plugs because they are prone to noise generation. It can be applied over the entire circumference of the plug, or it can be applied partially. MWA-030 is the best choice for application to covers with relatively large arcs, such as power plugs, etc. Since MWA-030 is flexible, it can be applied to even slightly uneven surfaces. Since MWA is a sheet containing metal powder and its cross section is conductive, please be careful not to touch MWA to the electrode area where electricity flows before attaching. If the MWA is attached incorrectly, it may short-circuit or catch fire.

Reduced environmental impact by complying with the RoHS Directive

The content of environmentally hazardous substances (lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, etc.) is kept below the limit of measurement to comply with the RoHS Directive.

Excellent noise absorption with simple use

It is very easy to use. By attaching it to cables and plugs around noise-prone areas such as power supply units and input/output terminals of audio equipment, a high noise cancellation effect is achieved, resulting in better S/N and resolution. In addition, in the case of video images, blurring of outlines is reduced and color clarity is improved. In sound quality, it improves SN, resolution, and response, and in video, it improves tonal expression and coloration.

Sheets and tapes in a wide variety of thicknesses and sizes

In addition to 0.3 mm sheets (A4, A5, and A6 sizes), we offer a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses, including 0.1 mm-thick tape and 1.0 mm-thick sheets, to meet various needs and applications. In the case of sheets, simply placing them on the AV top panel without cutting or placing them under the equipment is effective. The tape is convenient for wrapping around cables and plugs.

Flexible workability, cut and affixed with scissors

Can be easily cut with scissors, etc., and has excellent flexibility, making it possible to affix to curved surfaces such as cables. Excellent processability and workability. The polyethylene-based special rubber combines sufficient tensile strength and extensibility with good flexibility and workability, making it very easy to attach. The adhesive surface provides moderate adhesion and maintains its adhesive performance over a long period of time. The surface of the sheet/tape is a chic silver color and does not stand out during use. The key to a clean finish is to apply the tape while applying light tension.

Safety design with UL94V-0 flame retardant rating

UL94V-0 flame retardant (UL File No. 188467) for safety.

Cautions for use

  1. The metal powder surface is coated with an oxide film, so it has insulating properties, but the cut surface of the sheet/tape is conductive. Please avoid attaching it directly to conductive parts just to be safe.
  2. After application, it takes about 2 to 3 days at room temperature to reach maximum adhesion strength.
  3. The heat resistance is -20 to 90°C, which corresponds to a wide range of operating temperatures. However, please avoid attaching the product to areas that are expected to overheat or cool beyond this temperature (CPU, GPU, vacuum tubes, etc.).
  4. Please avoid using the product in such a way as to block the heat dissipation holes of amplifiers or PCs, which may interfere with heat dissipation.
  5. Avoid storing the product in direct sunlight.
  6. Avoid storing or using the product in high temperature and humidity as much as possible, as the adhesive may deteriorate.
  7. Avoid storing or using the product with excessive load applied to it for a long period of time (the thickness of the product may change, and the electromagnetic wave absorption characteristics may change).
  8. Wipe off any dust, oil, etc. on the adherend (mating surface) well before applying the product. Wipe off any dust, oil, etc. on the adherend (mating surface) before attaching.
  9. If the product has been stored at low temperatures, leave it at room temperature and humidity for several hours before use. (If the product has been stored at low temperatures, the adhesive may harden and the initial adhesion may weaken. ) If the product is left at room temperature and humidity, the adhesive will soften and adhesion will be restored.
  10. Repeated application and removal will weaken the adhesive.
  11. Although the product is designed to prevent adhesive residue, do not apply it to areas where adhesive residue would be a problem, just in case.
  12. Although it is possible to peel off the adhesive by hand after application, please do not apply it to areas where it is difficult to peel off just to be safe.


MWA-010 T Tape (0.1mm thick 20mm width×5m)
MWA-030 L A4 size(0.3mm thick 210mm×297mm)
MWA-030 M A5 size(0.3mm thick 148mm×210mm)
MWA-030 S A6 size(0.3mm thick 105mm×148mm)
MWA-100 S ≒A6 size (1.0mm thick 105mm×165mm)
material Flatted metalic powder of sendust alloy system (Al・Fe・SiO2
Base material Special rubber of polyethylene
Operation temperature -20~90℃
Resistivity 5×106 Ω・cm
Tension strength 6.0MPa
Flame resistance UL94V-0(UL File No.188467)
Release Date 2009/04/30