Hybrid granite stone base for new OCB-1 series


Oyaide Electric's power strip "OCB-1 Series Ver.2012" underwent a minor change in 2012. The "OCB-1 Series Ver.2012" has threaded holes in the four corners of the bottom surface to allow various optional accessories to be installed, while maintaining the same basic performance.

Now, we are releasing the black granite + butyl rubber hybrid base "OCB-BS" as an optional product exclusively for the "OCB-1 Series Ver. 2012.

※OCB-1 series prior to Ver.2012 do not have screw holes on the bottom, so OCB-BS cannot be installed.


ocb_bs540_02.jpgExample of installation on OCB-1SX

OCB-BS" is made of carefully selected 18 mm thick black granite, cut with high precision and finished with a beautiful mirror surface. The added weight of the black granite (1.3 kg) dramatically stabilizes the installation of the "OCB-1 Series Ver.2012" and prevents the power tap from lifting due to cable insertion. In addition, the black granite is compactly sized at 150mm square to enable installation in small spaces.

Butyl rubber sheet with excellent vibration absorption is attached to the bottom. This suppresses vibration of the floor surface. The included high-rigidity stainless steel screws securely screw the OCB-BS to the OCB-1. The included silicon rubber washer isolates vibration propagation between the OCB-1 and the OCB-BS. The "OCB-BS" is a must-have item for those who seek more stability from the "OCB-1 Series Ver.2012".


Model name OCB-BS
Black granite(18mm)
Butyl rubber attached to the bottom(2mm)
Dimensions and weight W150 x L150 x H20、1.3kg
Screw holes φ7mm
Accessory M4 stainless screws×4
Stainless Washer×4
Silicone Rubber Washer×4
Supported models OCB-1 series Ver.2012(OCB-1 SX V2 / OCB-1 EXsⅡ)
発売年月日 2012/9/10