DST-75R V2

The cost-effective model for 75Ω RCA digital transmission


DST-75R V2" is a 75Ω coaxial digital RCA cable with extremely low dielectric loss by "Cordell structure".

The "Cordell structure" is an insulation method that is as close as possible to air insulation, the ideal form of high-frequency transmission, and has a structure in which the center conductor is supported by PE cord wrapped around it in a spiral shape and an air layer is provided around the center conductor.

The center conductor and braided shield are made of "102SSC", a Oyaide's own precision conductor.
The RCA plugs have silver + rhodium plated contacts, a flex PE sheath for both electrical characteristics and flexibility, a 100% shielding rate copper foil shield, and double sealing with a 90% shielding rate braided shield. Oyaide Electric's commitment is incorporated in every part of the cable.

As a high cost-performance digital transmission cable, this cable demonstrates its performance to the fullest in the transmission of S/PDIF coaxial digital signal.


Cordell Cable Structure

"DST-75R V2" is a refined model based on the first generation DST-75R, with the conductor changed from PCOCC-A to the precision conductor "102SSC".

The structure is inherited from the first generation DST-75R. In other words, it is a 75Ω coaxial cable with extremely low dielectric loss due to the insulation.

The most distinctive feature is the "Cordell structure. This structure consists of a polyethylene cord between the center conductor and the polyethylene tube, with an air layer between the cord and the inclusions.

This results in an ultra-low-loss coaxial cable with extremely low dielectric loss due to the insulation

”102SSC” - Oyaide Electric Precision Conductor

DST-75R V2 uses the precision conductor 102SSC for the center conductor and braided shield.

  • The 102SSC precision conductor is made of virgin copper only, which does not contain any recycled copper, in accordance with JIS C1011, in order to avoid impurities as much as possible.
  • The peeling process removes 100% of impurities from the surface. To ensure smooth flow of electrical signals through the conductor surface layer, wires are thinned with a natural diamond die to improve the surface smoothness of the strands.
  • Fine wire strands are processed with a processing accuracy of ±1μm, far better than the standard error tolerance of ±8μm.
  • Annealing process twice eliminates mechanical stress distortion of strands. Thorough product control of manufacturing control values, maintenance, and number of shipping days. The conductivity is 102.3% IACS, which is the highest class.

Click here for more information on 102SSC.

Well-selected Materials and Shielding Method

DST-75R V2 has an outer sheath made of flex PE that combines electrical characteristics with flexibility.

" DST-75R V2" uses double shielding with a 100% shielding rate copper foil shield and a 90% shielding rate braided shield to protect the signal conductors.

Silver Rhodium-plated RCA Plugs

The DST-75R V2 has silver rhodium-plated RCA plug contacts.

The body and cover are made of high-precision machined brass, and are of course Oyaide Elec original design and production.

The combination of the high-grade RCA plugs and cables will fully demonstrate their performance in transmitting S/PDIF 75Ω coaxial digital signals and composite video signals between video equipment.

Oyaide "SS-47" Solder for Audio Application


Plugs and cables are soldered with "SS-47", a lead-free silver solder specially designed for acoustic use. Ordinary solder has a tin purity of about 99.9% (3N) due to cost considerations." SS-47" is made of high-purity tin that is 99.993% (4N) or higher, eliminating impurities to the utmost limit. In addition, silver and copper are added to improve conductivity and prevent solder from being eaten away.

Furthermore, the ratio of silver in a normal alloy solder is 3 to 3.5%, but in "SS-47" a whopping 4.7% is used without hesitation. In addition, SS-47 contains 1.7% copper, which has the second highest conductivity among metals after silver. This ratio dramatically improves the conductivity, and we succeeded in setting the eutectic point at 217 degrees Celsius. Of course, these blending ratios were not determined by numerical data and workability alone.

We believe that sound quality should be the top priority for a product to be labeled as an audio solder. SS-47" is the result of numerous listening tests of prototype models with various mixing ratios.


Model name DST-75R V2
Cable DST-75 V2
Cable structure Cordell Hollow Structure
Conductor Material 102SSC
Conductor Size 1.0mm Solid Wire
Insulator / Filler / Outer Sheath Material PE / FPA Cord / Halogen-free PE
Shield Copper Foil + Braided Shield 102SSC (24/6/0.12)
Cable Diameter (Nominal) 6.6mm
Contact pin Material Brass
Plating RCA Contact pin: Silver + Rhodium
Outer Cover: Stain finished Chrome
Solder SS-47
Available Lengths DST-75R V2 0.7m
DST-75R V2 1.0m
DST-75R V2 1.3m
Release Date 2015/5/1