Reference grade 6-Outlet AC power strip for everyone



The previous model "MTS-6" was developed mainly for audio-visual applications, but the new "MTS-6 II" is a brushed-up model that focuses on satisfying not only audio-visual applications but also many other audiophiles.

The "MTS-6 II" inherits the stainless steel chassis, and every single part has been carefully selected to improve localization and eliminate distortion. The "MTS-6 II" is a model that allows you to fully feel the localization and balance expression even in the near field. With its off-white outlet face, it blends in well with home theaters and living rooms, giving it a casual yet luxurious appearance.

Based on the previous model, the new "MTS-6 II" is a well-balanced audio power strip that is even more accessible by reviewing the selection of parts and wiring.

This "MTS-6 II" is lined up as an entry model and is created by based on our long-time knowhow. Due to the employment of detachable power cord, you can enjoy trying various power cable and selecting your favorite sound character.


1.6mm Thick Stainless Steel Chassis


MTS-6 II uses an extremely rigid 1.6 mm thick stainless steel chassis. The stainless steel used is non-magnetic austenitic SUS304. The stainless steel material used is non-magnetic austenitic SUS304, which not only has anti-vibration properties, but also provides strong protection against electromagnetic waves and noise.

Original AC Outlet Exclusively Designed for MTS-6 II

Of all the parts that make up a power supply tap, it is no exaggeration to say that the outlet is the most important part. This product retains the concept of its predecessor with a highly springy, non-plated phosphor bronze tooth receptacle that reduces tone coloration, and a buffed finish to improve the high frequency range. The "SWO" modified model is specially designed for the "MTS-6 II" for a more modern sound.

The main body of the outlet is made of PBT + GF30%, a high density engineering plastic material with both excellent mechanical properties and electrical insulation properties, to increase the braking capacity to the utmost limit.

The band supporting the outlet is made of non-magnetic thick-walled brass, and the configuration has been changed from two baked washers to a composite configuration of different materials, one baked washer and one Delrin washer, to improve the vibration control effect, which is an important element of the audio grade power strip.

A custom-made off-white colored outlet face is used to create a look that blends in elegantly with the near-field environment of bookshelf speakers and home theater living rooms.

Original "NC-174RR" IEC C-14 Inlet


For the inlet, we use the NC-174RR (IEC320 inlet), which was specially developed for our power strips. The inlets are made of buffed brass and plated with a thick layer of highly conductive pure silver (1.5μ) as a base material, and then finished with three times thicker rhodium plating (0.3μ) and two layers of high quality plating.

The outer casing is made of heat-resistant reinforced resin mixed with glass powder for the highest quality inlets with high speed and extended sound quality.

The improvement of the MTS-6 II is not limited to the selection of materials; the IEC inlet uses an electromagnetic wave absorber to absorb magnetic noise generated at the contact point and reduce the magnetic distortion caused by the contact.

Internal Wiring

As a result of testing all kinds of internal wiring and repeated auditioning, a single 2mm oxygen-free copper wire with polyolefin resin, which has a low dielectric constant, was used for the power wiring. For the ground wire, which is one of the key elements that determine the sound, we used our 3398-14 with a precision conductor "102 SSC" copper wire.

Why did we choose to use 102 SSC for the ground wire, which is often neglected as an element that affects sound quality? Oyaide Electric was one of the first companies to focus on the importance of grounding in audio equipment, developing the "Entreq" virtual grounding system and releasing sterling silver grounding cables for turntables. For the MTS-6 II, Oyaide Electric considers the ground wire to be an important element that affects the sound quality, and has carefully selected the material and size as part of the audio components.

For the MTS-6 II, we produce exclusively "3398-14" 14 AWG hookup wire from Oyaide's "3398 series" and it is used for a wiring material inside.

"OSP-SS" Stainless Steel Spikes

The spikes are a combination of SUS303 stainless steel spikes and honeycomb washers, a combination of hard and soft materials, to reduce vibration and prevent resonance.

Normally, rubber feet are used for the feet that transmit vibration to the floor, but this product comes standard with stainless steel spikes made of the same material as the chassis. However, this product comes standard with stainless steel spikes made of the same material as the enclosure, and also comes with honeycomb washers that have an established reputation for vibration control. This suppresses the vibration from the floor and the body, and reduces the squeal from the enclosure.

Original "SS-47" Solder Specially Designed for High Fidelity Audio


Oyaide Electric's original "SS-47" solder is used for soldering the wires. The purity of tin used in conventional solders is 99.9% (3N) for cost reasons, but SS-47 has been further purified to eliminate all impurities to a level of 99.993% (4N) or higher.

In addition, silver and copper have been added to improve conductivity and prevent the solder from being eaten away. In addition, copper, which has the next highest conductivity among metals after silver, is added at 1.7%. This ratio has dramatically improved the conductivity and succeeded in setting the eutectic point at 217 degrees.


Model name MTS-6Ⅱ
Case 1.6 mm thick stainless steel (SUS304)
Outlets OBK-2 Special edition (non-plated buff finished phosphor bronze terminal)
Hookup wire OFC 2.0mm solid wire (AC Mains) / Oyaide 3398-14(102SSC)(Ground)
AC inlet IEC 60320 C-14 Inlet (NC-174RR)
Spike OSP-SS (SU303)
Solder Oyaide SS-47
Case Dimensions W70mm x D385mm x H50mm
Weight 1800g
Rated V/A 125V/15A <PS>E
Release Date 2020/7/31