Multi-functional 7" vinyl record adapter - Now 7" vinyl adapter, Leveler and LP Vinyl stabilizer are all in one!



Multi-functional 7" vinyl record adapter - Now 7" vinyl adapter, Leveler, Vinyl stabilizer are all in one!

Although you might think the hole size of 7” vinyl records are all the same size, but the reality is that it differs sometimes!

Of course, most UK 7” vinyl don’t have a large hole but the 7” vinyl records from other countries has almost same size of a large hole. But it is not the exactly the same hole size!

There are many aspects about this issue. “ Inches versus Metrics ” always comes to mind first. and pressing country’s standards and its tolerance within pressing factories from time to time.

Although it will be fitted ok most of times, but when you face loose fit 45s, it often makes a off-pitch bending while playing. And when you face 45s which it’s even unable to put on, it is very annoying! We believe you felt the same thing occasionally if you love listening to 7" vinyl records from worldwide.

We had been frustrated with most of common 7“ record adaptors for a long time.
Common cheap plastic 7" record adapters are sometimes getting shrinked for ages because of its material nature. And it tends to fit loosely with the hole, and it sometimes cause a tiny pitch bending while playing.

On the other hand, Metal 7" record adapters usually look nice and firm. but if metal adapters are made in metric size like the stock 7" record adapter from Technics SL-1200, it often fits too tight with a hole of 7" vinyl records from some of US pressing factory. And it even fits too tight to be put in and makes some 7" vinyl get cracked when installing.

Although it might be impossible to fit one adaptor with every 7" vinyl records from worldwide, but we tried our best to solve these problems as possible with our new 7" vinyl record adapter with some other features.


  • After testing with dozens of 7 inch 45’s worldwide, we designed its shape and its outer diameter size within 0.01mm accuracy to fit most of 7inch vinyl as many as possible.
  • In order to avoid dropping the adapter on the record surface by accidents , we carefully designed the shape to grab it easily.
  • Fine controlled inner diameter spindle hole size which suits for most of turntables available.。
  • As for a leveler, 25mm wide outer diameter bubble level indicator with clear blue color for better visibility. It’s quite easy for adjusting to level your turntable
  • Although its weight is only 130g, it also works as a vinyl satbilizer for turntables with a very sensitive platter like Linn SP-12.
  • t’s still convenient size and you just can put it on the nearby while you are not using it.

    < Precaution for use >
  • Handle with care in order not to damage the bubble level on top.
  • STB-EP can’t be used with turntable which has a spindle with more than 19mm height from the mat surface.


"As a 7" record adapter" "As a Leveler"


"As a LP vinyl stabilizer"


Model Name STB-EP
Dimensions Max. Outer diameter 38mm, Height 27mm
Weight 130g
Body Material CNC machined brass body, High quality chrome finish.
Leveler Material Acrylic resin body
Sensitivity of bubble 0.50mm/m=0.028゜
JAN CODE 4582387102196

Release Date 2016/2/12

Release Note