The Spirit of Japan

Our Philosophy

All Oyaide products are made with materials that are processed exclusively in Japan.
This insures the highest standard of reliability, quality and value and that the latest and most sophisticated technological processes are employed.

The fundamental idea behind Oyaide’s product development is “Engineering with spirit”.
This means that we seek to deliver a new standard of products to the world – products that are created with state-of-the-art technology and that deliver breakthrough performance while maintaining the traditional values of old-world craftsmanship.

m1_f1_mekki_200.jpgOur customers demand the very best, and our goal is to satisfy that requirement.

Oyaide seeks to provide unique and original designs and is not satisfied with the status-quo. We constantly anticipate the next format and the newest development. By means of comprehensive and ongoing market research we seek to develop products that are always ahead of the curve.

“The Japanese State of the Art” - This sums up the real value found in all Oyaide products. Achieving this “State of the Art” involves two factors, putting our customer’s needs first and dedicating our whole being to the pursuit of experience.

Bringing you closer to the source…

We invite you to experience the emotion and the enjoyment that Oyaide products can provide.

Traditional Japanese Craftsmanship


Unique to Oyaide products is our two-stage polishing process prior to plating: First, the shaped part is machine polished. This is followed by careful buffing by hand. No other company uses such a rigorous and uncompromising approach. This method eliminates the need for intermediate plating materials. You will never find compromising materials in an Oyaide product – all are direct plated. No other finish can compare.

We welcome the painstaking effort required to produce our products. Our philosophy, born out our commitment to our customers, requires that we do no less.

Each Oyaide product has its own unique characteristics. Exhaustive listening tests involving multiple combinations of plating methods, including gold, silver, platinum, rhodium and palladium have yielded products of real interest and value to end users.

Precision Work

As an example of the effort taken to maximize performance in producing our contact parts,
we machine the inner contact area and the contact pin from the same piece of material thus avoiding any contact-resistance that might otherwise arise.


This demonstrates our dedication to achieving the highest sound quality without any compromise..

When it comes to quality we do not accept any compromise in materials, workmanship or parts in any of our products.

That is our OYAIDE philosophy.

Well-Selected Materials

All materials used to produce Oyaide’s products are obtained solely in Japan.
This allows us to maintain strict quality control. Further, some of these materials are available nowhere else in the world.

For example, among the conductor materials we use are our own 102 SSC copper and High-grade 5N silver – which are widely recognized for yielding high quality sound. We use powerful shielding and insulating materials and partner with an OEM supplier to produce proprietary compounds which excel at controlling vibrations. For the contacts in our power connectors, we use Deoxidized Phosphor Bronze and Beryllium Copper which are known for their consistent high quality and reliability.