5mm thick butyl rubber turntable mat with taper angled vibration-damping




In 2010, Oyaide Electric launched "MJ-12" tapered aluminum turntable mat, which has a tapered surface to correct warping of the record disc and has won the support of many analog fans for its excellent tracing ability.

In 2011, we released the "BR-ONE" thin butyl rubber turntable sheet, made of 1mm-thick butyl rubber, which has excellent vibration absorption properties among rubber-based materials. BR-ONE" demonstrates the excellent performance of butyl rubber not only in hybrid use with "MJ-12" but also in stand-alone use. In just over a year since its release, more than 2,000 copies have been sold.

We conducted compounding tests with various vibration-damping materials to further enhance the vibration-damping properties of butyl rubber, which had been proven by "BR-ONE. As a result, we found that tungsten, which has the same high specific gravity as gold (specific gravity 19) and is known as a damping material that can replace lead, has excellent sound quality improvement effects. Furthermore, as a result of various studies on the shape of the turntable sheet, we found that the tapered shape and tuning hole layout pattern of the "MJ-12" were also extremely effective with rubber-based materials.

Through this process, we have combined the features of the "MJ-12" shape and the "BR-ONE" material, and introduced a new vibration-damping material called tungsten. Butyl rubber turntable seat "BR-12" with taper is now on sale.


Advanced Turntable Mat Made of Tungsten Compound Butyl Rubber

The "BR-12" is a turntable sheet made of butyl rubber, which has excellent vibration absorption properties, while inheriting the shape of the aluminum turntable sheet MJ-12. The grip of butyl rubber with a high coefficient of friction improves adhesion to the record disc and prevents slipping of the record disc. Even when playing a cartridge with a high needle pressure, the record disc does not slip and stable record playback can be obtained at all times.

Tungsten, which has a high specific gravity (specific gravity 19) equivalent to that of gold and is known as an anti-vibration material that can replace lead, is blended into butyl rubber. Butyl rubber, which has excellent low resilience and vibration absorption properties among rubber materials, and tungsten work in combination to absorb unwanted vibrations generated by the turntable. The result is a clear, muddy sound reproduction.

With a Mortar-shaped Taper to Tame Warping of the Vinyl Records

The record disc has a mortar-shaped taper with an elevation angle of 1.0° from the center to the periphery, and by adhering the record disc to the taper, the warping of the record disc is tamed. The record needle's movement is stabilized and the tracing of the sound groove is dramatically improved. A total of 18 tuning holes are provided on the taper to eliminate the habit of rubber materials that tend to become dead. Only incidental sounds related to unwanted vibrations are reduced without impairing the sense of vibrancy.

The tuning hole also functions as a finger-hook groove for smooth removal of 10" and EP vinyl records. The rounded taper on the outer edge of the BR-12 allows for smooth removal of the BR-12 from the record player. The outer diameter of 294 mm allows smooth removal of LP discs (300 mm in diameter).

The 5mm-thick turntable mat is the same thickness as the turntable mats supplied with many record players, allowing replacement with the supplied one without having to adjust the height of the tone arm.

Includes Stroboscope and Overhang Gauge to Help Adjust Turntables.

The "BR-12" comes with a PP coated paper stroboscope & overhang gauge to help adjust the record player.

When in use

  • When soiled, wash with water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.
  • Do not wipe with oil, organic solvents, or alcohol as they may alter the rubber.
  • In order to adhere the record disc to the tapered surface, we recommend the use of a record stabilizer with a mass of 300g or more.
  • Please refer to the instruction manual of your record player and tone arm for the proper value of the overhang gauge.
  • To use the stroboscope, please prepare LED bulbs (for 50Hz/60Hz AC), fluorescent lamps (non-inverter type), and strobe light emitters separately.


Model name BR-12
Material Butyl Rubber (mixed with Tungsten particulates)
Dimensions Outer Diameter 294mm, Thickness 5mm, Taper angle to the center hole 1.0°
Weight 385g
Stroboscope Spec. (33/45/78 rpm revolution、50/60Hz , PP Coated Paper, Printed on the product package sheet)
Overhang Gauge (Measurable Range 5mm to 30mm、Printed near the center of the stroboscope)
Package "BR-12" 1 piece, 1 printed Stroboscope & Overhang Gauge on the package sheet
Release data 2012/9/30