A Bewitching Tone. A beautiful and magical work of art, VONDITA-X




A Bewitching Tone. "VONDITA-X" was developed with this concept in mind. Those who have heard the sound have described it as magical, and some have even described it as artistic.

"VONDITA-X" is a beautiful and magical work of art that will continue to captivate the hearts and minds of those who listen to it, as it brings out the voice of the singer from the silence of space, spreading its mysterious and lustrous tone.


Exclusive AC Power Plug and IEC Connector only for Vondita-X

"VONDITA-X" power plug connectors called V-XY and V-XX are based on Oyaide flagship model M1 and F1, which are the highest quality power plugs and have captivated audiophiles around the world.

Dual Housing Outer Cover

As with M1/F1, the inner housing is made of POM (polyacetal), which has both excellent mechanical properties and electrical insulation properties.

The outer housing cover is made of A2017, a famous duralumin material, which is not only noise-resistant but also strong, and quickly disperses and suppresses vibrations.

The housing structure combining these two materials suppresses the generation of unwanted incidental sound.

Different plating combination at both AC plug and IEC Connector


In order to achieve the best possible sound, different types of plating are used: platinum and palladium plating for the AC power plug (V-XY) and gold plating for the IEC connector (V-XX). Like the M1/F1, the electrodes are made of beryllium copper, which has excellent range characteristics.

With these features, it is possible to reproduce music with an appropriate amount of space to make it attractive, and to express a lustrous yet core singing voice that even describes the breath.

State of the Art - VONDITA Cable


The extravagant use of silk interlayers, the double-helix drain wire reminiscent of DNA, and the exterior sheath that combines different materials. All of these are the fruit of a thoroughgoing commitment to vibration control.

Measures against vibration are an important element for audio, and we have reflected this in the internal design of the cable without compromise.

The silk interlayer is also effective in suppressing static electricity.

The harmony of these internal designs and the 4.0sq. conductor (≈11AWG) with a special 4E stranded structure using the precision conductor "102SSC" allows music to be reproduced with excellent spatial expression and optimal bandwidth balance while remaining silent.

QBT Processing by Telos Audio Design

TELOS Audio Design is currently attracting the most attention from all around the world due to its innovative product development based on the latest advanced technology.

The QBT processing is applied by the cable run-in machine named QBT. The QBT processing is a type of aging that brings out the full potential of VONDITA cables and optimize the performance.

※QBT processing is only available as a finished product - VONDITA-X.


Model Name
Cable (Length) VONDITA(1.8m)
Conductor Material 102SSC
Conductor Size / AWG 4.0sq(Special 4E Stranded)/ ≈11AWG
Insulation Material Polymer Polyolefin
Shield Copper Foil
Outer Jacket Material
PVC + Polyolefin
Cable Outer Diameter 13.0mm
AC Power Plug / IEC Connector V-XY / V-XX
Terminal Material / Plating Beryllium Copper / AC Plug (Platinum and Palladium Plating), IEC Connector (24K Gold Plating)
Rated V/A 125V/15A <PS>E
Release Date 3/19/2021