The high quality stainless steel small spike with M4 thread


In the spring of 2012, Oyaide Elec. OCB-1 series of power taps underwent a minor change, making it possible to install a variety of optional accessories on the bottom of the tap. By installing these optional accessories, not only can the installation be stabilized, but also various tones can be pursued by selecting the optional accessories, even though it is the same power strip.

Optional items such as the OSP-SC machined brass spike, the OCB-BS granite base, and the INS-BS multi-base insulator have already been well received by many OCB-1 users.

At the end of 2012, a new item "OSP-SS" will be introduced as an optional product exclusively for OCB-1 Series Ver.2012.


OSP-SS" is a spike made of SUS303 stainless steel machined to high precision, with an M4 screw on the OCB-1 mounting side machined in one piece with the spike part, and can be easily fixed to the bottom surface of OCB-1 Series Ver.2012 with a screw.


The OSP-SS can be attached to the latest minor change model of the OCB-1 series and is designed to be screwed into the four corners of the bottom surface of the OCB-1. The screw size is M4. Therefore, the OSP can be attached to any model other than the OCB-1 as long as it has M4 size screw holes.


OSP-SS enables OCB-1 to make point contact and damp vibrations from floor surfaces. The high rigidity of stainless steel provides ideal point contact. The high rigidity of stainless steel makes it ideal for point contact, giving OCB-1 new life with its clear contrast, damped low frequencies, and brilliant mid and high frequencies.


Model name OSP-SS
Supported Models (OCB-1 Series Ver.2012) OCB-1EXsⅡ、OCB-1 SX V2
Material Machined stainless steel(SUS303)
Size φ14mm、full length13mm、Spike angle120° (Spike height7mm、Screw length 6mm、Screw diameter M4 size)
quantity 4 pcs.
Release date 2012/12/10