P-3.5 Series

The original 3 pole 3.5mm mini plug series by hi-quality materials and accurate production


Appearances of Digital music players expanded the field of listening to music unlimitedly. Due to their convenience and portability, not only general users but also audiophiles regard them as the music player of the new generation.

And then, various related accessories such as portable amp and monitors such as headphones and desktop speakers are released for better sound quality.

Changing a headphone cable is of course one of the very important factors for improvement sound quality.

At the same time we produced HPC series headphone cable, we developed the hi-quality 3.5mm stereo mini plug, P-3.5 series” for D.I.Yers who love to customize their special accessories.

Please enjoy crafting your own cables with P-3.5 series which are produced by the accuracy of “Made in Japan”.


Material and Structure

"P-3.5 Series" 3.5 stereo plugs are designed to give a unique identity to the HPC series and QAC-202 3.5MLS. The metal part is made of brass that complies with the European RoHS Directive. The center pin, which is the key to signal transmission, is plated with thick-wall gold for P-3.5G/P-3.5GL, and 1.5μ-thick silver for P-3.5SR/P-3.5SRL, and further plated with 0.3μ-thick rhodium.

This prevents corrosion of the contacts and contributes to improved transmission characteristics. Oyaide's craftsmanship is also reflected in the outer shell, which is carefully machined one by one by NC machining, knurled precisely, and finished with a beryllium plating, just like a camera lens.

The internal structure is also designed for high sound quality with high rigidity and materials that minimize transmission degradation.

Creating quality. This attitude is the theme that will continue through the years at Oyaide Electric. The essence of Japanese craftsmanship resides in the meticulous and careful finishing of every detail.

P-3.5G/P-3.5GL are characterized by their mellow resonance, sense of sound field, and low-frequency volume; the P-3.5SR/P-3.5SRL have a sharp, clear sound image and outstanding low-frequency tightness; the straight type and L-type are designed for ease of use; and the four variations will further expand the fun of your own cable production. The four variations will further expand your enjoyment of self-made cables.

Dimensional and internal drawings for P-3.5G and P-3.5SR

Dimensional and internal drawings for P-3.5GL and P-3.5SRL


Model Name P3.5 series
Plug 3 pole 3.5mm Mini
model Straight:P-3.5G/P-3.5SR
Material P-3.5G/P-3.5GL: brass (24k gold plating)
P-3.5SR/P-3.5SRL: brass (silver + rhodium plating)
Outer shell Brass + Chrome plating
Minimum diameter of outer shell 8.0mm
Maximum diameter of outer shell 8.3mm
Connection Method soldering
Handling Max cable O.D. 6.0mm
Release Date 2009/06/10