8cm length cable for connecting between DAP to portable amp with 3.5 stereo mini plugs


The "HPSC-SS/LS/LL" can be used as a 3.5 stereo mini mini cable to connect a high-resolution player or cell phone to a portable headphone amplifier. With the introduction of the HPSC-35J/63J and HPSC-SS/LS/LL, your headphone life will become even more convenient and you will be able to enjoy the fascinating high quality sound.


HPSC Series is a new series of headphone and portable audio cables from Oyaide Electric, introducing the precision conductors "102 SSC" and "Silk". The precision conductor "102 SSC" is a conductor for audio cables created by Oyaide Electric and already highly acclaimed around the world. The core of this technology is based on a type of oxygen-free copper, and includes "mechanical peeling" to physically remove 100% of impurities from the copper wire surface, a "natural diamond die" to smooth the copper wire surface to the utmost limit, two heat treatments under strict temperature control, and thorough management of wire diameter uniformity with processing precision of ±1μm or less. The HPSC Series' clear, wide-range sound is supported by Japan's world-class copper drawing and wire drawing processing technologies. The signal line thickness of the 102 SSC precision conductor is a generous 0.3 scale. From delicate high frequencies to powerful low frequencies, the delicate headphone output is faithfully transmitted without stagnation. The shield is also made of the precision conductor "102 SSC" and is a spiral shield with excellent flexibility.

Oyaide "102SSC" Precision Conductor

The HPSC Series is a new series that replaces the HPC Series. The key technologies are the "102 SSC precision conductor" and "silk". The cable conductor is made of 102 SSC, a new material that replaces PCOCC-A. The "precision conductor 102 SSC" developed by OYAIDE ElEC. as a high-end audio cable has already received high acclaim around the world, but this is the first time it has been used in headphone cables.

The conductor is a 7/7/0.089 rope strand with excellent bending resistance, and its thickness is a generous 0.3 scale. It faithfully transmits delicate headphone output from delicate high frequencies to powerful low frequencies without stagnation. The shield is also made of "102 SSC," a precision conductor, and is a spiral shield with excellent flexibility.

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Pure Silk Filament

For the interconnections, 100% pure silk filament is used, which has low capacitance and is not charged with static electricity. When a signal flows in a cable, weak vibrations are generated, and materials that are charged with static electricity will experience corona discharges due to the vibrations. To solve this problem, silk filaments are mounted. In addition, the cable exterior is also coated with a "100% pure silk jacket. The synergistic effect of these materials has greatly reduced noise without sacrificing flexibility. The chic white and black mosaic cable colors match any headphones without any sense of discomfort.

Original 3.5mm TRS Mini Connector

Specially designed plugs to give it a unique identity. The metal part is made of brass that complies with the European RoHS Directive. The contacts, which are the key to signal transmission, are plated directly with 1.5 µ-thick silver plating and then with 0.3 µ-thick rhodium plating on the surface. This prevents corrosion of the contacts and contributes to improved transmission characteristics.

OYAIDE ELEC craftsmanship is also reflected in the outer shell, which is carefully machined one by one by NC machining, knurled precisely, and finished with The plugs are also plated with berrichrome, just like camera lenses. These plugs are joined to the cables using "SS-47" audio solder.

OYAIDE ELEC aesthetic sense is poured into every detail to create the finest quality. This attitude is the theme that will continue to run through OYAIDE ElEC. The essence of Japanese craftsmanship resides in the meticulous and careful finishing of every detail.

Three Terminal Variations

Stereo cable designed for connecting portable players and headphone amplifiers. The length was chosen based on the most common feedback from monitors, and the cable exposure was set at 8 cm. Three types of plug shapes are available to suit any situation.


Oyaide "SS-47" Solder for Audio Application


Plugs and cables are soldered with "SS-47", a lead-free silver solder specially designed for acoustic use. Ordinary solder has a tin purity of about 99.9% (3N) due to cost considerations." SS-47" is made of high-purity tin that is 99.993% (4N) or higher, eliminating impurities to the utmost limit. In addition, silver and copper are added to improve conductivity and prevent solder from being eaten away.

Furthermore, the ratio of silver in a normal alloy solder is 3 to 3.5%, but in "SS-47" a whopping 4.7% is used without hesitation. In addition, SS-47 contains 1.7% copper, which has the second highest conductivity among metals after silver. This ratio dramatically improves the conductivity, and we succeeded in setting the eutectic point at 217 degrees Celsius. Of course, these blending ratios were not determined by numerical data and workability alone.

We believe that sound quality should be the top priority for a product to be labeled as an audio solder. SS-47" is the result of numerous listening tests of prototype models with various mixing ratios.


Product Name HPSC-SS / HPSC-LS / HPSC-LL
Cable HPSC-22W
Cable Length 8cm
Plug Original 3.5mm TRS mini phone (silver + rhodium plated)
Solder SS-47
Release date 8/05/2016

Release Note