SS-47 0.6mm 20g

"SS-47" is now available in an ultra-fine 0.6mmO/D type ideal for fine soldering.


Oyaide Electric developed lead-free silver solder "SS-47" based on the concept of "bringing out the best characteristics of cables and connectors. Since its release in 2009, "SS-47" has been highly supported by audiocraft fans as a typical example of high sound quality solder for audio applications. SS-47 0.6mm 20g", an ultra-thin type with a solder wire diameter of 0.6mm, has been added to the highly popular "SS-47" lineup. SS-47" offers the same high sound quality, workability, and beautiful finish of "SS-47", and will make soldering work even easier, such as attaching parts to the base of audio equipment and soldering small parts such as earphone cables.


  • High-quality acoustic solder with excellent sound quality and workability.
  • Wire diameter of 0.6mm (conventional product: 1.0mm), ideal for fine soldering.
  • Contains 99.993% or higher purity tin with minimal impurities.
  • Highly blended with silver and copper to improve electrical conductivity and prevent solder from being eaten away.
  • Specially formulated flux with less than 0.12% residual chlorine to inhibit corrosion.
  • Excellent solder spreadability and wettability with a spreading ratio of 83%.
  • Reliable JAPAN MADE, environmentally friendly lead-free (RoHS compliant).

※ A soldering iron of 40W or higher or a soldering iron dedicated for lead-free soldering (temperature-controlled soldering iron) is recommended.
※The recommended temperature of the soldering iron tip is 350°C.


Model Name SS-47 0.6mm 20g
Solder O/D 0.6mm
Weight 20g
Material High purity 4N tin (99.993% or more) 93.6%, pure silver 4.7%, pure copper 1.7
Flux Chlorine content 0.12% or less, small scattering, no cleaning type
Melting temperature 217 degrees
Others Pb Free、RoHS対応、Made In Japan
JAN CODE 4582387102684

Release Date 7/08/2016

Release Note