The premium spade lug with silver and platinum plating



SPSL is state-of-the-art spade lug which creates an aura of elegance. After repeated listening test, we employed RoHS compliant pure brass for the base material and a combination of silver + platinum plating. The main body is trimmed from a phosphor bronze bar of 15mm in diameter by precision CNC machining and is finished by mechanical barreling and hand polishing piece by piece.

The highly-rigid 5mm stainless screw is used for the 4mm cable penetration part. This infills inside space between the body and the screw. The blue screws, made of stainless with quench hardening treatment, are highly-rigid and emphasize the beauty of SPSL.


Dual-Screw Locking System

For its cable connection method, the dual-screw rocking system is employed as well as SRBN banana plug. By employing 5mm dual screw connection system, it infills inside space and holds conductor perfectly. The blue screws, made of stainless with quenching treatment, are highly-rigid and emphasize the beauty of SPSL.


Precision Machining

Design is an extension of function, and its unparalleled beauty is inevitable. Like the SRBN, the design of the SPSL was inspired by the Breguet luxury Swiss watch. The non-slip surface engraved on the body is reminiscent of the guilloche pattern used on watch dials. The screws holding the cables are blued steel hardened into stainless steel using the same technique as used for watch hands. Of course, this technique is not only a decorative approach, but also improves the mechanical strength of the screw by hardening it, and also contributes to preventing oxidation.

First of all, the base material is made of lead- and iron-free, RoHS-compliant Japanese brass. The tip is rolled from a 15-mm-diameter round bar, and then punched and bent using a dedicated SPSL die. The shape also shows the OYAIDE character. The tip insertion part has a two-stage shape of 6mm and 8mm to fit a wide range of speaker terminals. The maximum applicable cable diameter is set at 5.5sq, and the cable joints with a diameter of 4mm are tapered by NCN machining to complete the base shape of the SPSL.

From this point, the body is heat-treated in a low-temperature furnace over a long period of time to remove stress distortions caused by machining. The heat-treated body is then mechanically barrel polished and buffed one by one by hand. This two-stage polishing process is unique in its application to audio equipment. The mirror-finished body is then beautifully finished with an original plating. The first layer of plating is made of pure silver, which has the highest conductivity among precious metals, and the second layer is made of platinum, the most expensive of all precious metals.

Mirror finish and direct plating. It is simple, but it must be crafted to the highest standards. Oyaide's philosophy and craftsmanship are condensed here as well. Pride in "Made in Japan SPSL" is a proof of highly polished Japanese craftsmanship.


Model Name SPSL
Body material Pb free pure brass(RoHS)
Platings Silver (1.5μ)+ Platinum(0.3μ)
Connection Dual Screw locking system
Installable binding post size 6.0mm / 8.0mm
Installable cable O.D. ~4.0mm(5.5sq / 10AWG)
Package 4 pieces in a box
Attachment L-from hex wrench
Release date 2009/11/20