The silver/palladium & gold plated OFC spade lugs for both 6mm and 8mm binding posts


We consider that the cable terminal is one of the most important parts in the audio components. SPYT (silver/palladium plating) and GYT (24K gold plating) are especially designed for additional tone control without changing cable character.

After it is punched out from 2mm thick oxygen-free copper board, it is hand-polished twice. Then, SPYT is plated silver (inner) and palladium (outer) and GYT is plated 24K gold. In order to protect the base OFC material and fine tuning.

Oyaide Electric doesn't hesitate to take time-consuming process. The inside of Y shape is cut in two-size adjustment (6mm and 8mm) to be fitted to almost all binding posts.



Model Name SPYT / GYT
Material Oxygen Free Copper(OFC)
Plating SPYT : Silver + Palladium
GYT : 24K Gold
Connection method soldering or pressure bonding
Speaker post diameter 6.0 or 8.0mm
Maximum cable diameter 5mm 10Sq
Attachment heat shrink tube (4pcs)
Packing 4 pcs in a box
Release Date 2004/12/10