The multi-use insulator base used individually or with other INS series, or attached on various equipment by screws




“INS-BS was developed as an insulator that clarifies the mechanical grounding of audio equipment and dampens unwanted vibrations from the equipment and installation surface, while maintaining the resonance and vibrancy required for music. Reversible design that can be used either with the carbon side up or down. You can enjoy the change of tone.

Any other INS-series insulators can be inserted into the φ20, 4mm-deep recess on one side fo INS-BS, which improves the S/N ratio and adds a sense of high speed to the sound.

In addition, a hole for screw fixing is placed on the central axis. The INS-BS can be replaced with the insulator supplied with the equipment and fixed with screws. The INS-BS can make direct and firm contact with the equipment, further improving sound quality.



"Crystal Brass" (RoHS compliant), a high-purity brass material optimized for acoustic applications, is used for the body material, reducing to the utmost limit impurities such as lead, iron, and cadmium that can cause muddy sound. While attenuating unwanted vibrations, it does not impair the resonance and dynamism necessary for music.

The side shape of the insulator adopts a "4-slant style" consisting of 4-step taper angles, and is machined by computer-controlled NC with high precision. The ergonomic design makes it easy to adjust the position of the insulator even in a narrow space under the equipment. In addition, the ergonomic design is easy to grip, making it easy to adjust the position of the insulator even in tight spaces under equipment.

Half-bright chrome plating" (thin pear-shaped finish + chrome plating) has been applied to make the surface harder. This improves durability and dispersion control of the vibration mode, while also providing a beautiful semi-glossy shining texture.

A carbon FRP plate is used on one side of the insulator. This stabilizes the contact surface and directs unwanted vibrations to the crystal brass at high speed. In addition, the carbon FRP is precisely fitted and bonded to the main body so that the carbon FRP protrudes 0.01 mm from the main body. This allows only the carbon to contact the contact surface without damaging it.

A φ20, 4 mm deep recess is provided on one side, into which the INS-CF can be fitted. This can add an overwhelming improvement in S/N ratio and a sense of high speed.

A hole (φ5) is provided at the center axis for screw fastening. The insulator attached to the device can be removed and replaced with the INS-BS, which can then be fixed with screws (with the carbon side facing the device). By replacing the attached insulator with the INS-BS, direct contact can be made between the device and the INS-BS, further improving sound quality.

Reversible design, allowing use either with the carbon side up or down. Enjoy the change in tone (when the INS-BS is used by itself and not screwed to the device).

INS-BS can be fixed to most of our current AC power strip by M4 Screws :

INS-BS can be screw-fixed in MTB-4/MTB-6/MTS-6 and OCB-1 series. MTB-4/MTB-6/MTS-6 remove the brass spike (OSP-SC) and attach INS-BS with M4 screws. 4 screws to the four corner threaded holes on the bottom surface of the OCB-1 series.

Attention :
When screwing the insulator to the equipment, make sure that the insulator attached to the equipment is a screw-on type and that it is removable. Use binding screws or flat head screws with a length of 5 mm or more. If the screws are too short to penetrate the screw holes (less than 5 mm), the product may not be able to be screwed onto the equipment.

Use M4 size screws when attaching to the OCB-1 Series Ver. 2012.

If the screw head diameter is too small to fit into the hole in the product, use a washer.

Note M3 screws and washers are not included with this product.


Model Name INS-BS
Body material Pure brass (RoHS compliant)
Surface material Carbon FRP
Dimentions φ35.0 H15.0
Hole diameter φ5.0(No screw groove)
Concave φ20mm、4mm deep。(for INS-CF)
Withstand load 200kg/pc
Release Date 2009/11/20