MMCX connector earphone re-cable with 102SSC Precision Conductor


Users of MMCX earphones such as the SHURE SE series have always suffered from the low mating performance and durability of MMCX earphones, which are prone to loose connections and detachable parts falling off or damaged, in exchange for the convenience of easy cable connection and disconnection. HPC-MXs" is Oyaide's MMCX detachable earphone re-cable with improved mating and durability. The MMCX ring is made of beryllium copper to ensure excellent durability even after repeated connection and disconnection. Although the MMCX plug is of orthodox style, Oyaide Denki's know-how, which has been involved in MMCX re-cables for a long time, has been put into the MMCX plug. The cable conductor, which is the key to sound quality, uses "102 SSC," a precision conductor designed for high sound quality. Available in three colors (red/black/silver), it delivers the best performance to earphone users who are particular about sound and style.


  • New MMCX plugs precisely designed and precision-controlled for best mating with earphones.
  • Beryllium copper MMCX ring section that maintains excellent durability even after repeated connection and disconnection.
  • Gold-plated MMCX plug and 3.5 stereo mini plug for high sound quality and corrosion resistance.
  • Streamlined "curved MMCX mold" that feels comfortable against the skin for a comfortable fit.
  • Wireless earpiece system" with no metal wires for smooth earpiece placement.
  • Curved mini-plug" reduces the load on the plug and prevents accidental disconnection.
  • The cable conductor, which is the key to sound quality, is made of 102 SSC, a precision conductor designed for high sound quality.
  • The cable conductor and plug are soldered with lead-free silver solder SS-47 for high sound quality and environmental friendliness.
  • Available in three colors: red, black, and silver. Reasonably priced.
  • anufactured in Japan under strict production control.




HPC-MXs Connection Compatible Earphones

  • SHURE:SE215 / SE215SPE / SE315 / SE425 / SE535 / SE535LTD / SE846 / 215m+
  • Final:F7200
  • Ultimate Ears:UE900 / UE900s
  • SONY:XBA-Z5 / XBA-A3 / XBA-A2 / XBA-H3 / XBA-H2
  • Fidue:A83
  • JVC:HA-FX1100 / HA-FX1000 / HA-FX850
  • Pioneer:DJE-2000 / DJE-1500 / SE-CH9T
  • DUNU:DK-3001
  • WESTONE:ES60 / ES50 / ES30 / ES20 / ES10
  • Sound Warrior:SW-HP10
  • Panasonic:RP-HDE10
  • ONKYO:ES-CTI300 / ES-HF300 / ES-FC300 / IE-CTI300 / IE-HF300 / IE-FC300
  • AKG:N40
  • NuForce:PRIMO8
  • ONKYO:x Sivantos:IE-C1 / IE-C2 / IE-C3
  • Astell&Kern:AKT8iE
  • ELECOM:EHP-CH1000 / EHP-SH1000SV
  • ULTRASONE:IQ / EDITION8 Romeo / Julia

<Incompatible Equipment>

  • AUDIO FLY:Stone / Resin / Fader / Roadie
  • Kumitate Lab:TRIO / CANON
  • Pioneer:SE-CX8 / SE-CX9
  • FOSTEX:TE-5 / TE-7
  • Westone:UMPRO Series / W Series


Model Name HPC-MXs
Color Red / Black / Silver
Cable length 1.2m
Release date 8/05/2016

Release Note