High elasticity carbon FRP Insulator with vibration mode dispersion



Oyaide's INS Series of insulators has steadily expanded its lineup since the INS-CF, a vibration mode-dispersing insulator made of carbon and Texalume (Silver carbon), was introduced in 2009,

INS-CF is a vibration-mode-dispersing insulator made of INSALUME and has been steadily expanding its product lineup. After the production of the INS-CF was discontinued due to difficulties in obtaining materials, there were many requests for its revival. In response to these enthusiastic requests, we began development of a carbon insulator to replace the INS-CF.

After repeated trial and error, we succeeded in developing a new vibration mode dispersion type insulator "INS-CFX" that surpasses "INS-CF".


"INS-CFX" is a vibration mode-dispersive carbon FRP insulator made in Japan, which is the result of advanced Japanese carbon manufacturing and processing technologies. While inheriting the mass-dispersive design concept of the first-generation INS-CF, the INS-CFX has made a further leap forward and exhibits outstanding vibration control. Carbon FRP products are attracting attention as a high-strength alternative to steel, but the quality of carbon FRP products varies greatly depending on the country of production and manufacturer. Japan boasts the world's leading quality in the production and processing of carbon materials. INS-CFX is made of high modulus carbon T700 and T300. T700, which is used in the construction of aircraft, automobiles, and competitive bicycles, is used as the inner layer, and one layer each of T300, whose density is slightly reduced, is used as the top layer on both sides. This disperses vibration modes, and while maintaining the high-speed sound that can only be achieved with carbon, it also achieves a smooth and lustrous musical expression that cannot be achieved with a single carbon material. All processing is done in Japan by a carbon processing company specializing in carbon. The 30 layers are carefully layered one by one by the hands of skilled craftsmen. High-pressure pressing eliminates voids (air pockets) that cause quality degradation and achieves a uniform layered structure. After heat-hardening, the material is cut by high-precision NC machining. The product can be used on both the front and back sides. The coin size of 20mm in diameter can be inserted into "INS-BS" as well. It has the potential for further development of sound quality tuning. It can be used not only as an insulator but also as a tuning chip, for example, by attaching it to AV equipment.。


Further effectiveness is achieved in combination with INS-BS!


High-strength carbon disperses vibrations and cuts unwanted unwanted unwanted unwanted sound!


Model Name INS-CFX
Material Carbon FRP
Inner Layers Japanese high modulus carbon T700 (UD), tensile modulus 23.5tf/mm2, density 1.8
Surface Layers Japanese high modulus carbon T300 (3K weave), tensile modulus 23.5tf/mm2, density 1.76
Dimensions Diameter 20mm, height 6mm (round), laser engraved "oyaide" logo on one side
Weight 2.8g/ pc
Packing Unit 4pcs
JAN CODE 4582387102660

Release Date 6/10/2016

Release Note