PH-01 RR

The reference RCA phono cable exclusively for MM and VM phono cartridges today


PH-01RR is a low capacitance RCA phono cable optimized for the characteristics of low load capacitance MM and VM type phono cartridges such as Audio-Technica's VM series*1 and Ortofon's 2M series*2, which are widely used as accessory cartridges for modern record players.
(*1 Recommended load capacitance: 100 to 200pF, *2 Recommended load capacitance: 150 to 300pF)


Optimizing Load Capacitance for Most of MM and VM Phono Cartridges Today

The bandwidth balance of MM and VM phono cartridges is easily affected by the load capacitance (capacitance) from the cartridge output section to the phono amplifier input section. PH-01RR optimizes the load capacitance from the MM and VM phono cartridge to the receiving phono amplifier. By ensuring proper matching, the signal picked up from the record is transmitted flatly without any bias in the playback bandwidth, as was assumed when the cartridge was designed.

"102 SSC" Precision Conductor

The cable conductor of PH-01RR is made of Oyaide Elec, original precision conductor "102 SSC", which is the most important point for the quality of Oyaide Elec, audio cables and has been praised by audiophiles around the world.

Based on JIS C1011 oxygen-free copper base material, the conductor is manufactured with the world's highest technology and quality, including a peeling process that removes 100% of impurities from the copper wire surface, manufacturing control with an accuracy of 1μm, and a wire drawing process using natural diamond dies to enhance the surface smoothness of the strands.

"102 SSC" precision conductor, which eliminates all impurities from the conductor surface and has a conductor surface smoothed to the utmost precision, allows "PH-01RR" to smoothly transmit music as it is without any loss of audio signal.

For more information on the 102 SSC precision conductor, please click here.

Phono Cable

Single-core shielded construction suitable for low capacitance is used, and the distance between the center conductor and shield is carefully adjusted to achieve low capacitance. XLPE, which has low capacitance and excellent mechanical strength, is used as the insulation material. Even when the cable is bent, the distance between signal and shield can be kept constant, ensuring stable transmission without load capacitance fluctuation.

The shield is wound horizontally and the sheath is made of Pb Free PVC to ensure cable flexibility. The RCA plugs at both ends are original plugs with 24K gold-plated contacts, and "SS-47" developed by Oyaide Electric for acoustic applications is used for soldering the RCA plugs to the cable.

Ground Cable


e conductor cross-sectional area is a thicker 1.25 sq. with oxygen-free copper 24K gold-plated Y lugs on both ends. As with the signal cable, the conductor uses the precision conductor "102 SSC" to provide high transmission performance and a stable ground connection.

Independent Phono Signal and Ground Cables

Independent signal and ground cables are provided for greater flexibility in cable routing. For record players with built-in phono amplifiers that do not have a ground terminal, only the signal cable can be used.


Model name PH-01RR
Cable PH-01
Condudtor material 102 SSC
Condudtor size/AWG 0.5sq(19/0.18mm)AWG20
Insulation material XLPE (Electron-beam irradiated cross-linked polyethylene)
Shield 102 SSC( 60/0.18mm)Spiral shield
Outer jacket material Pb Free PVC
Ground cable 3398-16(1.25sq・16AWG)
RCA plug Machined brass with 24K gold plating
Spade connector OFC 24K gold plating
Solder SS-47
Length 1.0m (Ground cable 1.1m)
Cable diameter(nominal) 6mm(Ground cable 2.4mm)
capacitance 160pF(Cable Only 100pF/m)
Release date 2017/10/13