Superior grade AC receptacle with non-plated beryllium copper contacts



If I were to use such a product, I would want it to have these specifications, and I would want such a product to appear on the market... I would like to embody the voices of such audiophiles, and share the joy with people who share my passion for creating valuable products. With this concept in mind, we have launched our first product.

Since its introduction in 2007, the beryllium copper-platinum-palladium plated "R1" has been touted as the ultimate power outlet. Many audiophiles, who were shocked by the sound and realized the superiority of beryllium copper, expressed their desire for a beryllium copper-free version of the R1 as one of the variations.

This wish was realized in the "R0" model. This limited edition model sold a total of 300 units (during the first month of its release). In response to requests for continued sales, the model will go on sale nationwide in the summer of 2012.


Non-plated Beryllium Copper Contacts


The passionate dynamism of beryllium copper cannot be replaced by any other material. The terminals of the "R0" are not plated in order to bring out the tone of the beryllium copper material straightforwardly.

In addition, in order to improve the smoothness of the electrode surface and minimize the loss of conductivity, each contacts of the "R0" is carefully buffed and polished by hand by craftsmen. The craftsman's skills and senses breathe soul into the "R0".


In order to make the product more affordable for many people, the mounting band is non-plated and the price is reduced.

The cover material is PBT (GF30%), an engineering plastic mixed with glass filler, which has been proven in the SWO-ULTIMO SERIES and R1. The allowable input is the same as "R1", and it can handle a large capacity of 125V/20A. All screws are original machined stainless steel, making them strong and durable.

The maximum cable installation size is up to 5.5sq (10AWG) thick core wire. It has a strong and large set screw for excellent fixing strength and workability.

Beryllium copper terminals have a tensile strength of more than 30 kg/m3 , which is 1.5 times that of phosphor bronze, and keeps a strong grip on the power plug to ensure stable power transmission.

All processing is done with materials which supplied within Japan, and assembly is also done in Japan.
Please experience the high quality of domestically produced materials.


The "R0" comes with two "MWA-EC" electromagnetic wave absorbing outlet caps that triple block dust, vibration, and noise by simply plugging them into an empty outlet. Please try it out.


Product name R0
Blade Material Beryllium Copper (Buff Polished)
Plating Non-plating
Chassis PBT with Glass filler (30%)
Mount Frame Material Non-plated Brass,
Rated V/A 125V/15A and 125V/20A  P<SE>
Accessory 「MWA-EC」x2pcs
Release Date 2012/9/10