The high quality small brass spike with M4 thread


The OCB-1 series has undergone a minor change in spring 2012. In conjunction with this change, the OSP-SC, a machined brass spike, an optional product for the OCB-1 series, will be released in the summer of 2012.

The OSP-SC is a conventional "OSP" spike with M4 threads, which can be easily installed by hand into the M4 threaded holes on the bottom corners of the OCB-1 to further enhance the performance of the OCB-1.



The OSP-SC can be attached to the latest minor change model of the OCB-1 series and is designed to be screwed into the four corners of the bottom surface of the OCB-1. The screw size is M4. Therefore, the OSP-SC can be attached to any model other than the OCB-1 as long as it has M4 size screw holes.


With OSP-SC, OCB-1 achieves point contact and dampens vibrations from the floor surface. By attenuating vibration, which is a major cause of sound quality degradation, OSP-SC further enhances the performance of OCB-1.


Model name OSP-SC
Supported Models OCB-1EXsⅡ、OCB-1 SX V2 (OCB-1 Series Later Ver.2012)
Material High-purity brass (no surface treatment)
Size φ14mm、full length13mm、Spike angle120° (Spike height7mm、Screw length 6mm、Screw diameter M4 size)
Package Unit 4 pcs.
Release date 2012/8/10