M1 / F1 / M1e / F1-20A

The premium grade AC power plug / IEC connector
The ultimate in sophistication




We designed M1/F1 as our flagship model, making no compromise. The result is a sound that is powerful, dynamic and highly sophisticated. M1/F1 represents a major step forward in cutting edge technology having inherited and improved upon the advanced technologies of our P/C series.

The inner housing is made from POM (Polyacetal resin) for its superior mechanical strength, excellent vibration damping properties and noise reduction capability. The contacts, made from beryllium copper, are heat treated to insure mechanical integrity and high conductivity. The plating on terminals of the M1/F1 is a combination of platinum and palladium which was selected after repeated listening tests.

The powerful, dynamic, and highly-sophisticated sound provided by M1/F1 is unmistakable and unforgettable for everyone.


Original Dual Housing Outer Cover

It is precisely because they are simple that they must be crafted. This is both Oyaide's philosophy and craftsmanship. While each of the components used asserts its own individuality, they work in perfect harmony to make "M1/F1" the ultimate product. The inner housing is made of POM (polyacetal), which has both excellent mechanical properties and electrical insulation properties.

The outer housing is made of 50 series aluminum alloy with well-balanced mechanical properties. The outer housing is made of a 50 series aluminum alloy with well-balanced mechanical properties. These parts are cut by NC machining from a bar with an external diameter of 40 mm, and 80% to 85% of them are disposed of to make a single part. (POM 90g → 20g / Aluminum 190g → 25g) Furthermore, the parts created by the outstanding cutting precision are perfectly aligned. The craftsmanship that is the pride of Japan has been passed down from generation to generation.


Inner Plug Body

The material "M1/F1" body is made of high specific gravity engineering plastic material PBT + 30% GF, which has both excellent mechanical properties and electrical insulation properties. The highly rigid body realizes high-speed vibration damping.

Furthermore, all screws are made of stainless steel and P/C, completely original screws made exclusively for "M1/F1". Highly rigid stainless steel screws will not cause problems such as over-torquing, crushing of threads, or removal of heads. The maximum cable attachment size is 10sq. (5.5sq. x 2 cables), boasting outstanding workability. The tensile strength of the blade holder and cable is more than 30 kg, so even a slight pull will not cause the cable to come loose. This is also the result of careful consideration of safety.


Large-diameter Cable Drawer Opening to Accommodate Extra-thick Cable

Have you ever used butyl or noise-reducing tapes to make your own power supply cables and ended up with cables that were too thick? This product is designed to be used by such customers with peace of mind. The rear cable port can accommodate cables with a maximum outer diameter of 17 mm.

Beryllium Copper Contact with Platinum + Palladium Plating

bufgake_2.jpgAs the best material for the Premium Series, we employed beryllium copper for its superior conductivity and excellent mechanical characteristic.

The contacts of M1/F1 are heat treated to insure electromechanical integrity. The 1.0mm thick and 6.0mm wide contacts of F1 provide maximum contact area, have more than 8kg of holding power and reduce vibrations at the point of contact with no loss of signal transmission.


Product Management System with Serial Numbered Hologram Seals

All Oyaide Electric's AC plugs and IEC connector are all labeled with a "hologram sticker" with a serial number for management purposes..

It has been confirmed that counterfeit products that look very similar to the "P/C series AC plug and IEC connector are currently circulating.

All M1/F1 series products are shipped with a "hologram sticker" with serial number attached to the side of the product package to distinguish it from counterfeit products.

Before your purchasing, please contact your local authorized Oyaide distributor if you are unsure.


Model Name M1 / F1 / M1e / F1-20A
Blade Material Beryllium Copper (Buff Polished)
Plating Platinum (0.5 micron) + Palladium (0.3 micron)
Outer Body Material POM (Polyacetal resin) + Aluminum Shell
Handling Cable O.D. Min. 6.5mm  Max 17.0mm
Maximum handling Wire Gauge / AWG 5.5sq / 10AWG
Rated V/A M1 : 125V/15A <PS>E
F1 : 125V/15A <PS>E, 250V/10A CE
M1e : 250V/16A CE
F1 20A : 125V/20A <PS>E, 250V / 16A
Release Date05/20/2006