High quality M2.5 headshell screw/nut/washer set (Longer Lengths Set)


Cartridges are the gateway to sound when playing vinyl records, and selecting the better cartridge is one of the most enjoyable aspects of analog audio enjoyment. However, even if you have a cartridge in your hands, if the headshell screws are not selected and installed properly, you will not be able to get the full performance out of it.

For example, common aluminum screws have low rigidity and are not the best in terms of sound quality unless you use old MM phono cartridge that requires very light stylus force like 1.0g .

In addition, the conventional screw-and-nut mounting method tends to cause the screws to run idle and become loose, which can cause the cartridge to rattle or loosen easily.

"SCR-L" and "SCR-S" have been developed to solve these problems and provide a better record life. "SCR-L" and "SCR-S" allow you to mount your cartridge securely and bring out its maximum performance.


Screws and Nuts

Screws and nuts are made of brass with excellent rigidity, and 24K gold plating is applied to enhance corrosion resistance while creating a luxurious feel around the cartridge.

In addition, the gold-plated layer, which has a different hardness from that of brass, disperses material-specific vibration modes.

Flat-head flat head screws are used for the screws, which are easier to tighten than Phillips-head screws because the screw heads are less likely to be crushed.

The flat knurling on the nut prevents slippage, making it easier to press down on the nut when tightening and preventing the screw from spinning out.

The outer diameter of the screw head/nut is a small 4mm to prevent damage around the cartridge, and can also be used with headshells that have a counterbore for screw head fitting.


Carbon Graphite Nylon Washer

The audio industry's first new material "carbon graphite nylon washer" is the key component of "SCR-L" and "SCR-S".

This washer combines the characteristics of both metal and resin, i.e., moderate slipperiness and cushioning, to reduce screw spinning and enable tighter fastening. This increases the adhesion between the cartridge and headshell and eliminates cartridge rattling, which can cause deterioration of sound quality.

The washer has an outer diameter of 4.7 mm, which is larger than the outer diameter of the screw head/nut, thereby expanding the contact area with the cartridge / headshell. By distributing the screw seating pressure, deformation and sinking around the cartridge are mitigated, and the screw is less likely to loosen.


Two Lineups: "SCR-L" with Screw Stem Lengths of 12/14/17mm Set and "SCR-S" with Screw Stem Lengths of 6/8/10mm Set

Two stem length sets are available: "SCR-S" with screw stem lengths of 6/8/10mm set and "SCR-L" with screw stem lengths of 12/14/17mm set. You can choose the right one for your cartridge / headshell without wasting your money.









<When in Use>

  • Please check the screw length of the product you have before purchasing.
  • The length indicated on the screw is the length under the neck (excluding the screw head).
  • The washer can be installed on either side of the screw/nut.
  • Please provide your own precision screwdriver (flat-blade screwdriver).
  • Do not overtighten the nut as it may be damaged.
  • When installing the nut, insert the screw from the tapered hole side toward the inside.
  • Cartridges (e.g., ortofon) with M2.5 female screws (screw holes) can be installed.


Product Name SCR-L
24k Gold Plated Screws M2.5 ×12 / 14 / 17mm Stem Length Each 2pcs
24K Gold Plated Nuts M2.5  6pcs
Carbon Graphite Nylon Washers 6pcs
JAN CODE 4582387103032

Release Date 07/07/2017

Release Note