The extreme banana plug created by the fusion of the excellent sound and design quality.


In 2015, in response to audiophile demand, Oyaide will be adding a gold-plated "GBN" banana plug to its line of banana plugs.

This simple item embodies Oyaide's message of "Creation". The rigidity of the body carved from a solid block. The guilloche engraved on the body. The hand-polished shine. The black SUS screws are reminiscent of watch hands. The body of this Breguet-inspired design, with its direct gold plating, radiates a sensual luminescence.

The graceful style of this model is a testament to the elegant sound that will be unleashed by the "GBN". Together with its sibling "SRBN", "GBN" will open up new possibilities for banana plugs.


  • A highly rigid stainless steel screw with a diameter of 5 mm is used for the 4 mm diameter cable penetration area. This eliminates the gap between the main body and the screw, and the cable and the main body make secure contact and fixation with the two screws.
  • An 8mm phosphor bronze round bar is machined with high precision by CNC machining.
  • After being mechanically barrel polished, each piece is buffed by hand to a mirror finish.
  • The finishing touch is direct thick gold plating without nickel undercoating.
  • In order to demonstrate the excellent springiness of phosphor bronze, a cross slit is made in the tip insertion area to improve adhesion to the terminal. Maximum contact area is secured.
  • WBT speaker terminals were selected as the standard size.
  • The sweet spot that can be easily inserted and is difficult to pull out was selected after more than a dozen cut-and-tries in 30-micron increments.

☆For users like this☆

  • For those who want to have secure contact retention.
  • For those who dislike transmission loss caused by plugs
  • For those who frequently change speaker cables
  • For those who seek improved sound quality, high resolution, and delicate sound through plugs.


Model Name GBN
Material Phosphor bronze
Plating 24K gold plating
Connection Dual clamping screw system
Diameter 8.0mm
Install cable outer diameter ~4.0mm(5.5sq / 10AWG)
Packing 4 pcs in a box
Attachment L-form hex wrench
Release Date 2015/10/30