The final chapter of TUNAMI - The premium 5.5sq. speaker cable with 102SSC



The flagship model "TUNAMI NIGO V2" speaker cable symbolizes Oyaide Electric in the 21st century. The history of this cable goes back to the first generation "TUNAMI NIGO" introduced in 2006, which adopted a PCOCC-A conductor. The first generation "TUNAMI NIGO," which used a PCOCC-A conductor, created a stir in the world of speaker cables by demonstrating unparalleled reproducibility through its high power transmission and rigorous 3-layer sealing. Eight years have passed since then, and in 2014, we will introduce "TUNAMI NIGO V2" to the world.

The road to "TUNAMI NIGO V2" was a difficult one. It took two years of searching for a new conductor. After a total of two years, we have completed the world-class "102 SSC precision conductor" that will satisfy everyone. With this precision conductor "102 SSC", "TUNAMI NIGO" has taken off the old garb of PCOCC-A and made a great leap forward to "TUNAMI NIGO V2 TUNAMI NIGO" has made a great leap forward to "TUNAMI NIGO V2". Its sound is just like a majestic river. It depicts the silence and chaos of music without reserve. You will lose track of time and be intoxicated by the mellow and dynamic flood of sound woven by the new "TUNAMI NIGO V2".


"102 SSC" - Oyaide Electric Precision Conductor

  • To avoid impurities as much as possible, only virgin copper that does not contain any recycled copper is used in accordance with JIS C1011.
  • Peeling process is applied to remove 100% of impurities attached to the surface.
  • In order to facilitate the flow of electrical signals through the surface layer of the conductor, the strand is made finer using a natural diamond die to improve the surface smoothness of the strand.
  • The stranded wire is processed with a processing accuracy of ±1μm, far exceeding the standard error tolerance of ±8μm.
  • Two annealing processes are used to eliminate mechanical stress distortions in the strands.
  • Thorough product control of manufacturing control values, maintenance, shipping days, etc. Achieved the highest conductivity of 102.3% IACS.

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Suppression of Sound Quality Degradation by Short Pitch Stranded wire

Short pitch stranded wire twisted at 1.15 times the normal tension eliminates random gaps in the conductor and suppresses sound quality degradation caused by inter-wire distortion. We also paid close attention to the adhesion ratio between the insulator and conductor. The insulation and conductor are uniformly adhered to each other to eliminate random gaps, thereby eliminating degradation of sound quality due to inter-wire distortion.

Polymer Polyolefin with Excellent Electrical Characteristics is used for Insulation to Reduce Signal Loss.

Polymer polyolefin with excellent electrical characteristics is used for the insulation coating of the conductor. Compared to ordinary PVC insulation, it has an extremely low dielectric constant of 1/4, which reduces signal loss and produces a less muddy reproduction sound. In addition, the use of different polyolefin materials for the exterior and interior prevents resonance from affecting the sound.

Ultimate Noise Protection with 3-layer Sealing Consisting of Electromagnetic Wave Absorber/Carbon Layer/Copper Foil

Three-layer sealing is employed: 1st layer: electromagnetic wave absorber / 2nd layer: carbon layer / 3rd layer: copper foil. 1st layer converts electromagnetic waves caused by the inevitable magnetic flux disturbance into thermal energy by mixing the electromagnetic wave absorber into the compound.

When electricity flows through the cable, weak vibrations are generated, and the vibration causes corona discharge in materials charged with static electricity. Therefore, a semiconductor layer (carbon layer) is added in the second layer to promote the discharge of static electricity without affecting the conductor.

The third layer is a copper tape shield to protect the conductor from external noise. In addition, the copper foil shield is placed in close proximity to the drain wire and is bonded to ground to further improve the signal-to-noise ratio. This shields not only external noise, but also internally generated noise and spark noise caused by vibration. Experience the ultimate in noise protection and the power of the 3-layer shield.

Easy Usability for both Speaker Cable and Power Cable

TUNAMI NIGO V2" is certified under the Japanese Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law for Specified Electrical Appliances E, so it can be used not only for speaker cables but also for self-made power cables. For grounding, connect the drain wire to the power plug and the ground pole of the IEC connector. To avoid ground loops, cut off both ends of the drain wire, or connect it only to the power plug or IEC connector side.


Conductor Material 102SSC
Conductor size / AWG 5.5sq(69/0.32mm)/ 10AWG
Insulation Material Molecular polyolefin
Drain Wire Size / AWG 0.75sq. (30/0.18mm) / 18AWG
Shield Layer 1 - EMI Absorption Polyolefin
Layer 2 - Carbon PE Separator
Layer 3 - Copper Foil
Outer Jacket Material Polyurethane
Cable diameter(nominal) 14.0mm
Put-up type/length Reel(30m)
Release Date 2014/10/17