Innovative 102SSC speaker cable with C.I.S. structure and SGSL spade lug


"ACROSS 3000" features an original and innovative cable design created by the revolutionary "C.I.S." structure, which uses an air layer as a damper.

The original "ACROSS 2000" was introduced in 2006 as the first speaker cable in the ACROSS series with a 2.0sq. conductor. In 2015, it was replaced by the ACROSS 3000, which uses Oyaide's proprietary precision conductor "102 SSC" and 3E stranding and its conductor size has been increased to 3.0 sq.

ACROSS speaker cables have been Oyaide's core speaker cables since their launch. Their high performance is recognized by audiophiles around the world.

"ACROSS 3000 SGY" is a new model of ACROSS 3000 speaker cable with spade lugs.

The parts around the cable have been reexamined and changed from the previous model. The newly developed "SGBN" pure silver + 24K gold-plated spade lugs and "NRF-005T" non-magnetic noise suppression tape have been newly adopted, and every detail of each material has been carefully considered and updated to the dates.

While minimizing the loss of the output signal from the amplifier, we have eliminated as much as possible the so-called "cable quirks," including the plugs, so that the signal is transmitted to the speakers as it is. The flat, neutral tone and agile response accurately portrays music without bloating the sound image, providing natural sound connections from low to high frequencies, accurate phase and time alignment, and distortion-free detail.

By creating a more accurate sound field, vocals are balanced and localized at speaker tweeter height without being scattered upward, bass sounds are perceived as lower, and music is reproduced with a natural sound image between speakers.

All audio accessories, including cables, are interactive with audio equipment.

The ACROSS 3000 SGY is a dramatic evolution of the ACROSS 3000 SGY, which helps to reveal previously unnoticed details of expression in a wide variety of music genres from all ages, regardless of whether the source is digital or analog. The ACROSS 3000 SGY is the ultimate in innovative technology.

We hope you will enjoy this new product, which is the culmination of Oyaide's confidence in its innovative technology.


"102 SSC" - Oyaide Electric Precision Conductor

  • To avoid impurities as much as possible, only virgin copper that does not contain any recycled copper is used in accordance with JIS C1011.
  • Peeling process is applied to remove 100% of impurities attached to the surface.
  • In order to facilitate the flow of electrical signals through the surface layer of the conductor, the strand is made finer using a natural diamond die to improve the surface smoothness of the strand.
  • The stranded wire is processed with a processing accuracy of ±1μm, far exceeding the standard error tolerance of ±8μm.
  • Two annealing processes are used to eliminate mechanical stress distortions in the strands.
  • Thorough product control of manufacturing control values, maintenance, shipping days, etc. Achieved the highest conductivity of 102.3% IACS.

Click here for more information on 102SSC.

Patented "3E Stranded" Technology for Twisting Three Different Sizes of Wires Together


The 3E stranding structure is a concentric stranding arrangement of stranded wires in a lump-sum twisted wire conductor, and by arranging three different strand diameters, the stranding arrangement is made denser. By arranging three different strand diameters, the strand arrangement is made denser, enabling a finer conductor structure and improving conductor characteristics.

The strands of these three different conductor diameters are arranged geometrically to minimize the gaps between strands and improve strand density.

Furthermore, the outer diameter of the strands has been downsized to maintain a stable and highly accurate outer diameter, and the cross section after twisting is a perfect circle, an unprecedented conductor structure in the world. This ensures uniform adhesion between the insulator and conductor, eliminating random thickness of the insulation material and making it uniform.

C.I.S. Structure with Air Layer Damper

Oyaide's original cross insulated stabilizer structure (C.I.S. Structure) is used as a damper to lower the capacitance and improve the high-frequency characteristics while attenuating vibrations with its excellent stabilizing effect.

The basic architecture adopts a coaxial layout to maximize the C.I.S. Structure, which supports the center conductor at a point rather than a surface to minimize mutual interference between the center conductor and the outside. The internal air damper layout is a completely different idea.

The conventional approach to vibration damping is to use compounds to dampen internally generated vibration. The C.I.S. is a new concept. The C.I.S. structure not only has an excellent stabilizing effect, but also contributes greatly to the improvement of electrical characteristics. The air layer is highly effective in significantly reducing capacitance.

The insulation material that makes up the C.I.S structure is polyolefin, which has an extremely low dielectric constant of 1/4 that of PVC. These unique structures and materials give the ACROSS 3000 an unrivaled agile response and stress-free spatial expression.

Oyaide's New "SGSL" with Pure Silver and 24K Gold-plated Spade Lugs


A total of eight "SGSL" Spade-lugs, newly developed by Oyaide Electric as speaker terminal connection plugs, are installed at both the left and right terminals. The "SGSL" is exquisitely tuned by applying silver plating to the base to extend the high-frequency range while taking advantage of the long-term stability and non-habitual phase characteristics of the mid-range range provided by gold plating.

The base material is made of lead- and iron-free, RoHS-compliant Japanese brass. The tip is rolled from a 15mm-diameter round bar, then punched and bent using a dedicated die. The tip insertion part has a two-stage shape (mm/8 mm) to fit a wide range of speaker terminals.

The heat-treated body is mechanically barrel polished, and then buffed and polished one by one by our polishing craftsmen. The perfectly polished body is then finished with a two-layer plating process consisting of a sterling silver plating base and thick 24K gold plating.

A highly rigid stainless steel set screw with a diameter of 5 mm is used for the 4 mm diameter cable feed-through. This eliminates the gap between the body and the screw, and the cable and plug body are secured by the two screws to ensure a secure contact and fixation.

The "SGSL" and cable are joined by a torque-controlled screw tightening. In addition, the plug and cable are completely sealed with adhesive-backed, cross-linked polyolefin heat-shrink tubing for durability and conductor oxidation protection.

Innovative "NRF-005T" Non-magnetic Noise Suppression Tape to Suppress Noise


Speaker cables are susceptible to electric field noise due to electrostatic induction caused by stray capacitance between conductors. NRF-005T" is an innovative non-magnetic noise suppression tape developed by Asahi Kasei Corporation using PULSHUT®, which has little effect on the original sound and suppresses electric field noise by converting it into Joule heat. By tuning with "NRF-005T", we have achieved both musical vibrancy and original sound fidelity beyond comparison.

When tuning, "NRF-005T" is affixed to the cable branch on the speaker side to determine the sound. When attaching the cable, be sure to connect it so that the signal flows along the direction of the arrow printed on the cable surface.


Model name ACROSS 3000 SGB
Cable ACROSS 3000
Cable Structure C.I.S(Cross Insulated Stabilizer)Structure
Conductor Material 102SSC
Conductor Size / AWG 3.0sq(37/-3E)/ ≈13AWG
Cross Insulation Material Polymer Polyolefin
Inner Jacket Material Polyethylene
Outer Jacket Material Halogen-free Polyolefin sheath for audio
Cable Diameter (Nominal) 9.2×18.5mm
Conductor resistance 0.63Ω/100m (at 20℃)
Capacitance 34pF/m (1kHz)
Banana Plug SGBN (Phosphor Bronze material , Pure silver + 24K gold plating)
Release Date 2023/1/27
※PULSHUT®、PARSHAT® is a registered trademark of Asahi Kasei Corporation.

Release Note