Audio grade FASTON 250 terminals with gold, silver/rhodium, and platinum/palladium plating



FASTON terminals are widely used for wiring connections in electronic equipment due to their strong gripping force on the mating electrode and superior convenience of easy connection and disconnection.

Oyaide Electric has focused on FASTON terminals for their superior convenience. With the commercialization of the "Power Inlet PP," an IEC inlet that can be connected using Faston terminals, Oyaide Electric has begun to improve the quality of FASTON terminals, which have traditionally been overlooked in audio craft. The "FT Series" of audio FASTON terminals is now available.

The terminals are precision punched and bent, and finished with Oyaide's original double coat plating. Three plating variations are available: 24K Gold (FTL-G), Silver + Rhodium (FTL-SR), and Platinum + Palladium (FTL-PP).

The "FT Series" not only improves the usability of the "Power Inlet PP" but also improves the quality of the fastening terminals used to connect the speaker unit to the internal wiring, as well as the fastening terminals used in audio equipment and guitar amplifiers. The "Power Inlet PP" is a small terminal that can be used to improve the usability of the "Power Inlet PP". This small terminal will greatly enhance your audio craft.


Three Types of Plating are Available by Favorite Tone

Oyaide original double-coat plating finish is applied to the high-precision punched and bent copper alloy terminals. Three types of plating patterns are lined up for selection by tone.

  • 24K Gold: Soft and warm tone.
  • Silver + Rhodium: For clarity and sharpness.
  • Platinum + Palladium: Heavy and dynamic expression.

Applications Including IEC inlets, Speaker units and Internal wiring

F6.35 (6.35mm wide x 0.8mm thick) electrode and fastening terminal, large male type. Suitable for the following applications.

  • For those who are looking for high quality sound terminals for IEC inlets and internal wiring connections of speaker units.
  • For improving the quality of flat terminals inside audio equipment and guitar amplifiers.
  • For those who want to eliminate soldering in wiring paths as much as possible.


Model name FTL-G / FTL-SR / FTL-PP
FTL-G:24K Gold 2-layer plating
FTL-SR: Silver / Rhodium plating
FTL-PP: Platinum / Palladium plating
Shape FASTON 250 Series (Female)
Accessory PVC Insulating Sleeve(FTL-G:8 Pieces / FTL-SR/PP:4 Pieces)
Wiring installation method Crimp or solder
Applicable wire for installation 2.0~3.5sq (AWG 14~12)
Packing Unit FTL-G:8 Pieces, FTL-SR/PP:4 Pieces
Standard UL(E70188)
JIS F6.35(6.35mm widthx0.8mmthickness)fit into the electrode
RoHS Compliant
Release date 2011/3/25