Smoky quartz natural stone insulator which can be used with INS-BS


Oyaide ELEC hit "INS Series" consists of the "INS-BS" multi-base insulator, "INS-CF" made of hybrid carbon fiber, "INS-SP" (concave) and "INS-US" (convex) made of high-rigidity stainless steel, and the possibilities of insulators have been expanded by freely combining these products. By freely combining these insulators, we have succeeded in greatly expanding the possibilities of insulators.

These "insulators that are fun to combine" have been widely accepted by audiophiles, and the series has recorded phenomenal sales of over 20,000 sets since its release*. Since its release, the series has sold an astounding total of over 20,000 sets* and has gained an unshakeable position as an essential accessory for the suspension that supports audio equipment. In pursuit of further possibilities for the "INS Series," we focused on the physical properties of natural stone materials.

The physical properties of materials are the most important tuning point in audio. After examining the physical properties of 70 different types of natural stones and repeated listening tests, we found the outstanding performance and individuality of black diamond and smoky quartz.

  • Natural stones are cut with high precision at a jewelry workshop in Japan. Natural stone insulators are carefully mirror-polished one by one by jewelry craftsmen.
  • Easy-to-handle coin-sized small insulator common to INS-CF/INS-SP/INS-US.
  • It can be used not only as a stand-alone insulator but also as a multi-base insulator "INS-BS" for further tuning.
  • It can be used not only as an insulator but also as a tuning chip by placing it on or attaching it to equipment.
  • Please handle it with care as it may break if a strong impact or pinpoint load is applied.
  • Please enjoy the texture of natural stone, which differs in pattern and color one by one.


<INS-SQ> is a natural stone insulator made of smoky quartz (smoky quartz crystal) cut to a high precision, giving off an amber smoke-colored crystal shine. Its physical properties are Mohs hardness 7, specific gravity 2.6, and a triangular crystal structure composed of SiO2 and a small amount of aluminum, which has both high strength and high hardness. Its tone is truly delicate and realistic. The space is filled with fine sound particles, and the listener is enveloped by a lustrous acoustic sound.

The tone is clear and straightforward. The tone is clear and straightforward, with a strong sense of power, yet without peaks or dips. It is a monitor-like product suitable for high-fidelity reproduction.

<INS-SQ> is made of carefully selected natural stones, and each stone is meticulously carved by jewelry craftsmen in a jewelry workshop in Japan. The surface is polished to a mirror finish, giving it a beautiful luster and high flatness.


The size is the same coin size (φ20, H6) as INS-CF/INS-SP/INS-US, and can be inserted into "INS-BS". By combining with other "INS series" instruments, you can enjoy further tuning of tones.


Model name INS-SQ
Material Black diamond (hematite)
Size Diameter 20mm、Height 6mm(Circular form)
Weight 5.0g(1pcs)
Mohs hardness 7
Packing unit 4pcs
Capacity 200kg/pcs
Release date 2013/2/22