The highly rigid stainless spike base insulator which can be used with INS-US and/or INS-BS.




The advantage of installing audio equipment on spikes is that vibration propagation can be efficiently suppressed at the point of contact between the equipment and the floor surface, improving sound response, S/N, and resolution.

Spike supports are usually used to prevent damage to the floor surface when spikes are used, but it is known that the physical properties of spike supports also have a significant effect on sound quality. In addition, there are two essential requirements for spike supports. The spike supports must have high dimensional accuracy and be made of a highly rigid material that can withstand a single point load.

If the spike holder's dimensional accuracy is low, there will be a gap between the spike and the device, causing the device to wobble and preventing the point contact from fully functioning. If the spike holder is not rigid enough, the point contact area will also be warped by the load, causing the equipment to wobble.

Wooden/resin materials, as well as copper alloy and aluminum, are surprisingly weak against a single point load, and sharp spikes can cause the point contact area to gouge, resulting in incomplete point contact and adversely affecting sound quality. Wooden/stone materials are also prone to chipping and cracking, making them unreliable spike supports.

Oyaide Electric has the know-how to select the best material for the intended item and process it using the most appropriate method. In order to establish a material and processing method that provides the sound quality, dimensional accuracy, and rigidity required for spike supports, we have conducted repeated studies and auditions of various materials, resulting in the "INS-SP".


The Accurate Cutting of SUS303 Stainless Steel by NC Machining

SUS303 used for "INS-SP" has superior characteristics compared to other metals, and is the most suitable material for spike supports with high rigidity. INS-SP" has the high dimensional accuracy and rigidity required for spike supports due to the computer-controlled high-precision cutting of stainless steel. This allows perfect point contact with the spike without rattling or deformation.

Hairline Finish with Semi-glossy Shine, Resistant to Rust and Other Corrosion

SUS 303 stainless steel is a highly rigid material which has various better characteristic compared to other metals. This material for INS-SP is cut by highly accurate NC machining and it makes perfect contact to the spikes.

The accurate cutting of SUS303 stainless steel by NC MachininSUS303 stainless steel used for INS-SP has a strong passivation film (a film composed of Cr and O) on its surface, which is resistant to rust and other corrosion and can maintain its aesthetic appearance for a long time. In addition, SUS303 stainless steel is non-magnetic and does not have any adverse effects on your equipment due to magnetism. The surface of "INS-SP" has a semi-glossy hairline finish. The surface of "INS-SP" has a semi-glossy hairline finish, which blends in with your system without any sense of discomfort while creating a casually chic and luxurious atmosphere.

Depth of Recess for Precise Insertion of Spikes

INS-SP" has a 2mm depth and 8.8mm diameter recess for spike engagement, ensuring sufficient strength, engagement, and visibility. This makes the recesses easily visible during installation and makes it easy to fit the spike. The spike will not come off from the recess even when the device is subjected to a lateral impact, ensuring a stable fit. Furthermore, the concave angle is 130 degrees, which can accommodate a wide range of spikes with acute angles of 90 degrees or less, as well as spikes with obtuse angles of up to 120 degrees.

Reversible Design that can be used not only as a spike receptor but also as a small insulator

The "INS-SP" is coin-sized for easy handling and reversible, and can be used not only as a spike receptor but also as a small insulator. Even though it is small in size, there is no compromise on sound quality. By using "INS-SP", a tight and straight tone that can only be achieved with hard materials can be obtained while enhancing the sense of density.

Best Match Point Contact with INS-US

INS-SP" is designed with a common design concept and size so that it can be used in pairs with "INS-US" to maximize its effectiveness. By using them as a pair, ideal point-contact insulation is realized.

When "INS-US" and "INS-SP" are mated, The total height will be 13.9mm

Further Sound Quality Tuning is Possible in Combination with INS-BS

"INS-SP" is designed as a 20mm-diameter spike holder that can be inserted into the "INS-BS" multi-base insulator, allowing for further sound quality tuning in combination with the "INS-BS. For example, the sound tone changes depending on whether the "INS-SP" is placed on the floor side or the device side, and various settings can be enjoyed, including tuning with 3-point or 4-point support.


Model Name INS-SP
Material Stainless Steel(SUS303)
Dimentions φ20、H 6.0、2.0mm deep for a spike、Angle : 130 degree
Weight 14.7g/pc
Withstand load 200kg/pc
Packing 4 in a bo
Release Date 2010/3/5