The highest grade model of OCB-1 series 4-Outlet AC power distribution box



The entry-level model OCB-1 ST II and the middle-level model OCB-1 DXs II power strips released on April 24, 2020 were well-received upon their release, and the initial response was to reaffirm the image of power strips as Oyaide Electric.

The OCB-1 series was designed from the beginning as a product to match the needs of audio beginners and middle-class audio systems, and it has continued to be a long-selling series that continues to be improved over 30 years after its initial release to keep up with the updates in sound sources and sound itself. The OCB-1 series is the high-end of the OCB-1 series.

The OCB-1 EXs, the high-end model of the OCB-1 series, will also be released in 2020 with the same specifications as the OCB-1ST II and OCB-1 DXsII, which were released earlier.


Features of L/i50 OFC II Star-quad Power Cable

  • The star-cad structure, which has remained unchanged since the launch of the L/i series, consists of four core wires twisted together. By twisting the two diagonal wires together, the radiated noise generated by the cable cancels each other out, reducing unwanted noise.
  • Flame resistant polyolefin is used for the insulator and sheath.
  • The PVC coating on the sheath contributes to external noise isolation and protects the cable from breakage due to accidental trampling. This is a cable with two important pillars: sound and safety.
  • The conductor configuration remains the same as the previous model, 175 conductors/0.12mm, but the cable is both easier to handle and softer in sound.
  • The large capacity 4.0sq. 4-core Starcad cable provides reliable power even when using a full 4-outlet power supply (*1). 4-core Starcad cable is large enough not only to satisfy audiophiles but also to play a central role in a home theater.

Japan Made 4N Pure Silver Wire for Internal Wiring

2.0mm Japanese made pure silver wire is luxuriously used for the internal wiring connecting the outlets.
By using low-purity silver wire from somewhere, Oyaide Electric has distinguished itself from products that claim to use silver wire, and has fully demonstrated the characteristics of silver wire, which boasts the highest conductivity.

The surface of the silver wire used by Oyaide Electric has been treated with a skin pass process, and it realizes a wide angle of view sound image expression without the glare characteristic of silver.

The ground wire is also made of 102SSC, a precision conductor developed by Oyaide Electric that boasts a conductivity of 102%. This is another example of Oyaide commitment to manufacturing.

"ARMORD" Series - Custom AP-037 AC Power Plug


"AP-037" power plug of the "ARMORED" series, which boasts the highest level of robustness in power plugs and connectors since its launch, has been modified with a color exclusive to the "OCB-1 EXs II".

This is the first time that an Oyaide product from the "ARMORED" series is equipped with this plug. The AP-037 is made of phosphor bronze, the same material as the outlet, with a thick silver rhodium plating, and a mechanical grounding mechanism that connects the plug to the main body for thorough vibration control.

Japan Made AC Power Outlets - Oyaide SWO-DX-Ultimo Custom Model


The SWO-DX/ULTIMO model is made of the same material as the power plug, phosphor bronze with silver rhodium plating, and is colored blue exclusively for the OCB-1 EXs II.ocb-1_box_1600_02.jpg

The Oyaide Distribution box is the heart of the sound.

The enclosure is made of PBT-GF30, a highly rigid engineering plastic material made of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) and 30% glass fiber (GF). PBT resin is a polyester resin obtained by polycondensation of terephthalic acid (TPA) and 1,4-butanediol (1,4-BG). PBT resin is a polyester resin obtained by polycondensation of terephthalic acid (TPA) and 1,4-butanediol (1,4-BG), and is a crystalline engineering plastic with excellent moldability, electrical properties, flame resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, and colorability.

This material is reinforced with glass fiber (GF). As a result, the tensile strength and Charpy impact strength are more than twice as high as usual, and the DTUL (Deflection Temperature Under Load) is more than three times as high as 200°C, compared to 50-85°C without GF, giving it an advantage in dimensional stability at high temperatures. This high rigidity suppresses unwanted squeaking of the outlet box, which can cause blurring and smearing of sound.

The structure is a mono-coque structure, and four posts are raised from the bottom to fix the outlet, directly transmitting the vibration to the bottom of the chassis. The thickness of the body is 4mm, which is 1.4 times thicker than general-purpose PVC products (PVC 2.8mm thick). In addition, carbon is added to the material to minimize EMI, and the 13mm diameter feet on the bottom of the chassis reduce the contact area between the floor and the main unit to minimize resonance.

These combined elements of material and structure help to reduce distortion and achieve a high signal-to-noise ratio, which are the characteristics of the OCB-1 series.

Reduction of Contact Loss

Compared to power strips (cable body separation type), the greatest advantage of a table tap is that there are fewer 3 points of contact (power plug - inlet - wiring) because the power cord is plugged directly into the outlet.

In addition, you may have experienced that the sound tone changes greatly depending on the cable you connect when you buy a power supply tap, but in the case of our "OCB-1", the cable and the tap itself are integrated into one structure, so you can get the so-called "Oyaide sound" from the wall outlet to the exit. However, in the case of our OCB-1, the cable and the tap itself are built in one piece, so you can get the so-called "Oyaide sound" from the wall outlet to the exit.


Model Name OCB-1 ExsⅡ
Cable L/i50 OFCⅡ
Conductor Material Japanese made C1011 OFC
Conductor size 2.0sq. (14AWG) × 4 ( AC Mains) / 0.75sq. (18AWG)(Ground wire)
Insulation material Flame retardant Polyolefin
Filler Material Rayon + Paper
Inner Jacket Material
Flame Retardant Polyolefin
Outer Jacket Material
Clear PVC
Distribution Box PBT GF30 Alloy Housing
Inner Hookup wire Japanese made 4N 2mm Pure Silver
Power plug Oyaide AP-037(Custom model)
AC Outlet Oyaide SWO-DX/ULTIMO (Blue Face Color))
Rated V/A 125V/15A <PS>E
Release Date 2020/7/31