The high-quality spade lug with new silver and gold plating


Oyaide Electric will release "SGSL" sterling silver + thick-wall 24K gold-plated Y lugs in December 2022.

Made of lead-free and iron-free non-magnetic brass (RoHS compliant) produced in Japan, the tip is rolled from a 15mm-diameter round bar. The Oyaide Electric "SPSL" Y-lug was created by investing an overwhelming amount of material, punched and bent with a dedicated die. The "SGSL" Y-lug with sterling silver and thick-wall 24K gold plating has been newly added to the lineup.

This new Y-lug combines the advantages of both gold-plated and silver-plated plugs, while also providing a durable Y-lug.

Development began two years ago with the cooperation of a plating factory to find a new plating combination suitable for speaker terminal connection plugs. Based on thick-wall 24K gold plating, we produced more than 10 prototypes with different combinations of plating materials and thicknesses of each plating. After repeated comparative listening tests, we selected pure silver + thick-wall 24K gold plating, which gave the best results in terms of both sound quality and durability, and exquisitely tuned it by applying silver plating on the base to extend the high frequency range, while taking advantage of the long-term stability and the good phase characteristics of the mid-range range that gold plating gives. We have upgraded the product.

The simple, well-honed design and meticulous detailing also show Oyaide's character in its shape. The tip insertion part has a two-stage shape, 6mm and 8mm, to fit a wide range of speaker terminals. In order to securely clamp the cable conductor, a highly rigid stainless steel set screw with a diameter of 5mm is used in relation to the cable insertion diameter (4mm). This ensures a perfect connection by maximizing the contact area without allowing the twisted wire portion of the cable conductor to escape.

The main body is carefully buffed and polished by hand, one by one, to give it a mirror-like surface finish. The perfectly polished body is then plated twice with sterling silver and thick-wall 24K gold plating, which together with the blue screws give the "SGSL" a high-grade, elegant appearance.


Materials and Structure

The base material is made of lead-free, iron-free, RoHS-compliant Japanese brass. The tip is rolled from a 15mm-diameter round bar, then punched and bent using a dedicated die. The tip insertion part has a two-stage shape of 6mm and 8mm to fit a wide range of speaker terminals.

The maximum applicable cable diameter is set at 5.5sq, and the cable joints with a diameter of 4mm are countersunk by CNC machining to complete the base shape of the "SGSL". The base shape is then heat-treated in a low-temperature furnace over a period of time to remove stress strain from the machining process.

The heat-treated body is then mechanically barrel-polished and buffed one by one by a polishing craftsman. This two-stage polishing process is unique in its application to audio equipment.

The cable insertion part, which is set to accommodate a maximum cable diameter of 4 mm (5.5 sq.), is tapered to facilitate insertion of twisted wires into the main body.

Dual screw clamp method is used for connection. The cable and main body are securely contacted and fixed with two screws. Furthermore, the screws used to secure the cable are also carefully designed. A highly rigid stainless steel set screw with a diameter of 5mm is used for the 4mm-diameter cable penetration area. This eliminates the gap between the main body and the screw part and secures the maximum contact area.



The mirror-finished body is plated with sterling silver as the base coat and then finished with thick-walled 24K gold plating.

In general, gold plating has a straightforward characteristic with no habit from low to mid-high frequencies, but the extension of the high frequency range may seem a little lacking." SGSL" is exquisitely tuned by applying silver plating to the base to extend the high-frequency range, while taking advantage of the long-term stability and uncluttered mid-range phase characteristics provided by gold plating.

In order to confirm the stability of the new plating combination, it has been tested for more than 18 months of continuous use to ensure its reliability. While most gold-plated terminals use magnetic electro-nickel plating as an undercoat to prevent erosion, the gold plating on Oyaide products eliminates electro-nickel, thereby preventing sound quality degradation.

Mirror finish and direct plating. It is simple, which is why it must be crafted. Oyaide's philosophy and craftsmanship are condensed here as well. Pride in "Made in Japan SGSL" is a proof of highly polished Japanese craftsmanship.


Model name SGSL
Material Brass (RoHS)
Plating Pure silver plating base + thick-wall 24K gold plating
Connection Dual clamping screw system
O/D of the body / Installable binding post size 8mm / 6mm. 8mm
Install cable O.D ~4.0mm(5.5sq)
Packing 4pcs in a box
Attachment L-form hex wrench
Release date 2022/12/2

Release Note