The ultimate 17-layers Carbon FRP headshell with 5N pure silver headshell lead wires




Oyaide Electric has always been driven by a strong will that is not easily influenced by the times and an inquisitive mind that constantly pursues originality, both of which have enabled us to create products with a strong identity. In 2007, Oyaide Electric will enter a new stage. In 2007, Oyaide Electric entered the analog category, building on its long-standing commitment to analog products. The interest in and nostalgia for analog has deepened. The new excitement that will be discovered in the process.

Emotional and exciting moments. "HS-CF" was created with a quick perception of the needs of the times. A sense of isolation that overwhelms all others. Words are no longer necessary to describe "HS-CF". Everyone can easily sense the potential hidden within "HS-CF" at first glance.

HS-CF's unique character is strongly expressed in the material feel of carbon fiber, the shine of the matte silver finger hooks, and the graceful yet spartan design. 4.0mm-thick CFRP (17-layer prepreg material) is angle-molded in a single piece using a mold. Smooth damping is achieved without changing the vibration moment.

The socket part is made of resin press-fitted into an aluminum coupling, and the contact pins are gold-plated brass. The headshell lead wires are made of 5N pure silver wire with double silk winding insulation, and rhodium-plated phosphor bronze shell tips are attached to the terminals.


CFRP Headshell

What is most required in a headshell? That is, it must be lightweight, yet have high rigidity and toughness, and quickly damp vibrations. Oyaide Electric selected CFRP as the best material to satisfy these requirements.

The 4mm-thick shell is made of 17 layers of prepreg material (carbon fiber board). All but one of the central layers are aligned in a single direction to maximize vibration damping characteristics. The matrix is made of high-toughness epoxy resin, and its strength characteristics remain unchanged semi-permanently. Furthermore, the shape is also carefully designed. The shell part is angle-molded in one piece using a metal mold to avoid the disturbance of the vibration moment caused by the adhesive bonding. After that, they are machined one by one by CNC machining and completed as parts.

The CFRP material that forms the headshell also shows Oyaide's commitment to high quality. The core prepreg material is Toray's high-strength carbon fiber "T700," which is also used in new Boeing aircraft. For the surface material, Toray's T300 carbon fiber 1K cloth is used. This carbon cloth gives the HS-CF a spartan atmosphere of elegance, which strongly impresses its customers.

"HSR-AG" Headshell Lead Wire

It is precisely because they are simple that they must be crafted. This is both Oyaide's philosophy and craftsmanship. The headshell lead wire is also imbued with Oyaide's originality.



Under advanced production control, continuous casting in a high-frequency electric furnace, 19 processes of cold rolling, annealing twice, drawing with a diamond die, and skin-pass treatment are performed to use high-quality "high-purity silver wire" with not only high silver purity but also no gaps at the crystal grain boundaries. The 0.2mm 5N pure silver single wire manufactured under such advanced production control is twisted into 7 strands to secure sufficient cross-sectional area (0.2sq). The conductor resistance has been minimized to the maximum extent.

hsr_ag_lead.gifDouble insulation is used for the insulator by means of silk threads. The purpose of adopting natural materials is to prevent static electricity generated in analog playback from being charged and to ensure clean signal transmission.

Resin-based materials (PVC, fluoroplastic, etc.) are easily charged with static electricity due to the action of a negative charge. Silk, on the other hand, is a material that is not easily charged with static electricity and has excellent electrical properties. Similarly, the glass fiber sleeve used for the exterior is a material with high insulating properties and low static charge.

The shell tip attached to the terminal is also a true expression of Oyaide Electric. Phosphor bronze with high springiness is used as the base material to improve the adhesion rate with the contact pins. The surface is plated with rhodium to prevent oxidation.



Model Name HS-CF
Headshell Material 4.0mm thick Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics(17Layers)
Socket Materials Aluminum , Press-fit resin insulation
Contact Pin Material Gold plated Brass
headshell Size L=56mm W=20mm H=15.9mm
Accessory items HSR-AG (already installed)
Brass Screws(M2.6/7mm Length x 2、M2.6/12mm Length x 2)
Brass Nuts(M2.6 x 2)
JAN CODE 4562112760815

Release Date 08/20/2007

Release Note