The History of Oyaide Electric

In 1952 Oyaide Electric began business as a small store in the Akihabara area of Tokyo, specializing in the sale of electrical wires. Though we sold mainly magnet wires in the beginning, as our business grew, we expanded our offerings to include a wide variety of electrical cables, including industrial electrical wires, electrical wires for electrical equipment, and coaxial cables. Oyaide began dealing in audio cables about 30 years ago. From that time, the importance of high quality cables for audio systems began gradually to be recognized, and as a consequence, the number of customers requesting them increased as well.

The founder, Kazuji Oyaide, who always listened and responded to the customers’ need, developed our first power distribution box “OCB-1” designed exclusively for audio use and brought it to market. He then developed our first speaker cable, the “OR-800” , which incorporates OFC litz in a “Star-Quad” Structure. Though these items were sold only at our store in Akihabara, they quickly developed a wide following among audiophiles throughout Japan.

Since Satoru Murayama took office as president in 2000, Oyaide began the development of cables and accessory parts for audio in earnest. Over time Mr. Murayama demonstrated exceptional ability as a designer of specialty electrical cables. After becoming president, he led Oyaide in the development of a new and far-reaching business model. He deftly arranged crucial and strategic partnerships with manufactures and subcontractors who each excel in their own area of expertise, thus ensuring that all Oyaide’s products are manufactured to the standard possible.

In development, each new Oyaide product is carefully scrutinized from a variety of technical viewpoints, making sure that its performance is based on sound technical theory.