Cleaning Stick EC

Convenient cleaning stick for NEMA type AC outlet, AC Plug And IEC Connector



Many audiophiles already know that the quality of power supply accessories such as audio wall outlets, power cables, and power strips greatly affects the sound quality of audio playback. However, if the electrodes of these power supply accessories are dirty, contact resistance increases and noise is generated, resulting in a significant degradation of sound quality. However, the electrodes of these power supply accessories are often located deep in the slit-like insertion holes, making them difficult to clean. In addition, the oxide film, which is the main cause of contamination, is difficult to remove with conventional cleaning solutions and contact revival agents.

The "Cleaning Stick EC" is a thin and sturdy felt stick impregnated with abrasives and wax. The felt fabric is soft enough to provide optimum abrasive power and is attached to a thin, bend-resistant glass epoxy plate that has excellent electrical insulation properties. The ultra-fine abrasive particles contained in the felt powerfully remove oxide film and dust stuck to the electrode. High-grade fatty acid-based waxes with excellent protective power inhibit the re-formation of oxide film on the electrode.


Easy cleaning of Contacts in AC Outlets and IEC connectors!

“"Cleaning Stick EC" can easily clean not only the electrodes of power plugs, but also the electrodes of outlets and IEC connectors, which were previously difficult to clean, to maximize their performance.


Example of use for AC outlets


Example of use for NEMA type AC Plug


Example of use for IEC Connector

USB terminal of PC and USCable, Contact of memory card, etc. !

It can be used not only for audio equipment, but also for general wall outlets and OA taps in the home. It can be used to easily and reliably clean difficult-to-clean areas such as USB terminals on PCs and electrodes on memory cards, and can be expected to improve poor contact and other problems.


Example of use for USB Cable


Example of use for SD Card


Model Name Cleaning Stick EC
Material Glass epoxy board with felt containing fine abrasives/waxes
Dimension Trapezoidal shape with 4mm top bottom / 6mm bottom / 50mm length. Thickness 1.5mm
Assumed Cleaning Area Cleaning of electrical outlets and power strip outlet ports, power cable IEC connectors audio cables, USB and memory card contacts. (Dry cleaning)
Packing Un 6pcs in a pack

Release Date 2/08/2013
JAN CODE 4582387100673

Release Note