The premium star-quad headphone cable with the superiority of silk filament


The HPC-26QUAD was developed as a headphone cable with excellent electrical characteristics, employing a 4-core star cad structure with silk interconnections to maximize the sound of 102 SSC, a precision conductor developed by Oyaide ElEC.

Since it was first sold exclusively at Oyaide Electric directly-managed stores, it has been supported by many self-production enthusiasts for its clear and three-dimensional sound, and its reputation has spread quickly, with many people visiting from overseas to purchase it.

In order to deliver the sound endorsed by end users to as many people as possible, we have carefully selected headphone terminals from a wide range of excellent headphones and commercialized them as the "HPC-QUAD Series" headphone re-cables.

The premium headphone re-cable "HPC-QUAD Series" has been completed by combining the superiority of silk material and the latest technology, and realizing flexible handling with a highly transparent urethane sheath.

As the first product in the new series, a lineup compatible with 3.5mm stereo jacks, the most commonly used type of headphone with detachable cable, is now available.

The HPC-26QUAD, with its star-cad construction and excellent electrical characteristics, will demonstrate its full potential in the future HPC-QUAD Series, and will be one of the answers to get your headphones closer to your ideal sound.


Oyaide "102 SSC" Precision Conductor


The conductivity of drawn wire is 102.3 %IACS by current annealing treatment based on optimal temperature and time adjustment. Polyester elastomer with high elasticity and insulation performance is used for the insulation material, providing stress-free protection between wires configured into 0.13sq x 4 cores.

3.5mm Stereo Mini Plug for a Variety of Detachable Headphones


By using a neck-length 3.5mm plug, it is compatible with jacks located in a secluded position, such as the SONY MDR-1A. Can also be used for wired connection of wireless headphones with 3.5mm stereo jack.

Excellent Cable Electrical Properties

Capaitance: 208pF/m, Conductor resistance: 143.0mΩ/m, and excellent characteristics are maintained even in the 3.0m long lineup.

Silk Filament to Absorb Electrostatic Induction Noise

By using 100% pure silk filaments, which have the lowest relative permittivity among fiber materials, for the interlayer, electrostatic induction noise that occurs between wires is absorbed and charging is greatly suppressed.

Versatile 4-core Star-quad Cable

In the single-ended lineup using one conductor, two out of four conductors are wired to each left and right channel to reduce conductor resistance, resulting in improved localization and reproduction of the center of gravity. The double-sided lineup using two conductors (release date to be determined), which will be released in the future, utilizes a star-cad structure and supports +/- balanced connections by connecting two conductors to each of the left and right channels.

High-density silver-plated OFC braided shield with 97% braid ratio

For the single-ended lineup, a shield layer equivalent to AWG#20 in conductor cross section is connected to the GND. The shield is made of pure silver-plated Class 1 OFC and finished with a high-density braid with a shielding ratio of 97% to shut out external noise.

Flexible and durable ultra-clear polyurethane sheath

The outer sheath is coated with a highly transparent double-layer urethane sheath, and the inner sheath is coated with a soft urethane sheath to ensure flexibility. 4mm outer diameter provides a flexible handling and a cable specially designed for headphones that can be easily adapted to various situations.

Oyaide "SS-47" Solder for Audio


Plugs and cables are soldered with "SS-47", a lead-free silver solder specially designed for acoustic use. Ordinary solder has a tin purity of about 99.9% (3N) due to cost considerations." SS-47" is made of high-purity tin that is 99.993% (4N) or higher, eliminating impurities to the utmost limit. In addition, silver and copper are added to improve conductivity and prevent solder from being eaten away.

Furthermore, the ratio of silver in a normal alloy solder is 3 to 3.5%, but in "SS-47" a whopping 4.7% is used without hesitation. In addition, SS-47 contains 1.7% copper, which has the second highest conductivity among metals after silver. This ratio dramatically improves the conductivity, and we succeeded in setting the eutectic point at 217 degrees Celsius. Of course, these blending ratios were not determined by numerical data and workability alone.

We believe that sound quality should be the top priority for a product to be labeled as an audio solder. SS-47" is the result of numerous listening tests of prototype models with various mixing ratios.

HPC-QUAD35/HPC-QUAD63 Compatible Headphones

  • Audio-technica:ATH-WS1100 / ANC7 / ANC7b / PRO500Mk2 / PRO700Mk2ANV / MSR7 / PRO5Mk3 / MSR7LTD / AR5 / AR3
  • OPPO:PM-3
  • Panasonic:RP-HC500 / HD10
  • PHILIPS:SHN9500 / X2 / X1 / L2BO / SHL5705 /
  • Pioneer:SE-MJ751 / MX7 / MX9
  • SONY:MDR-1ST / MDR-1A / 1ADAC / 1ABT / 1R / 1RMk2 / 10R / 1R NC Mk2 / 1RBT Mk2 / NC500D / NC200D / NC60 / NC600D / Z1000 / 7520
  • ULTRASONE:Proline550 / PRO550 / 650 / 750 / 2500 / 900 / 2900 / DJ1PRO
  • V-MODA: Crossfade M-80 / LP / LP2


Product name HPC-QUAD 35 / HPC-QUAD 63
Cable HPC-26QUAD
Conductor size 4C×12/0.12(0.13sq / 26AWG) 4-core Star-quad structure
Insulation material TPE (Polyester elastomer)
Filler materialSilk Silk
Shield silver-plated braid(Braid rate97%)
Outer jacket material Urethane + soft urethane(Transparent, Thickness 0.8mm)
Cable diameter 4.0mm±0.2mm
Conductor resistance 0.143Ω
Capacitance 208pF/m
HPC-QUAD 35 Connector(Headphone amplifier side contact part) (3.5mm mini plug) Brass, thick silver plating (1.5μ) + rhodium plating (0.3μ)
HPC-QUAD 63 Connector(Headphone amplifier side contact part) (1/4 TRS phone plug) Brass, thick silver plating (1.5μ) + rhodium plating (0.3μ)
HPC-QUAD 35/63 Connector(Headphone side contact part) (3.5mm mini plug) Brass, thick silver plating (1.5μ) + rhodium plating (0.3μ)
Solder SS-47
Release date 2018/12/7

Release Note