Reference headshell lead wire with precision conductor "102 SSC" and "ultra-flexible special resin


"HSR-102" is the successor to "HSR-CU", a conventional model with a proven track record and high performance.

However, "HSR-102" is more than just a successor model. It is a new model with many improvements made to the 40mm wire, including conductor, insulation, flexibility, and static electricity. The main conductor is equipped with "102SSC" for flatter and stress-free transmission. The points of renewal from the previous model are not limited to the conductor. The insulation material, which determines the sound quality, is made of "ultra-flexible special resin" that is both flexible and reduces static electricity.

In addition, the flexibility of the conductor has been improved by using rope twisting. HSR-102" is a shell leadwire that offers both sound quality and usability, and is widely recommended for everyone from those who have just started enjoying vinyl records to those who have been listening to vinyl records for a long time.


"102 SSC" - Oyaide Electric Precision Conductor

The cable conductor is the most important point that determines the quality of Oyaide's audio cables. HSR-102 uses Oyaide's original precision conductor "102 SSC", which has been praised by audiophiles around the world. The manufacturing control is carried out with an accuracy of 1μm, and the wire drawing process is performed using a natural diamond die to enhance the surface smoothness of the strands. HSR-102" is made of "102 SSC", a precision conductor that is free from any impurities and whose surface has been smoothed to the utmost precision and smoothness.

Super Flexible Special Resin

"HSR-102" has newly adopted an "ultra-flexible special resin" for its insulation material, which boasts an unprecedented level of flexibility. Compared to the fluoroplastic insulation of previous models, the "ultra-flexible special resin" is less likely to be charged with static electricity. This suppresses the generation of noise caused by static electricity and significantly improves the signal-to-noise ratio. Combined with the excellent transmission performance of the precision conductor "102 SSC", it contributes greatly to the expression of fine details in music. In addition, the sufficient flexibility of the [HSR-102] enables smoother attachment to headshell cartridges, which are also expected to bend sharply.

24K Gold Plated Headshell Lead Tip

The material of the shell lead tip of "HSR-102" is phosphor bronze with excellent springiness. It enhances contact adhesion and minimizes contact loss. Furthermore, 24K gold plating is applied to prevent oxidation over time and ensure stable conductivity, while at the same time expressing the rich sound image of gold plating. An insulating tube is attached to the tip section to prevent unnecessary shorts. The connection to the cable is a solderless crimp fixation method.



Product Name HSR-102
Conductor Material 102 SSC( 0.3sq. : 3/20/0.08mm)
Insulator Material Ultra-flexible Special Resin
Shell Tip Phosphor Bronze(24K Gold plating)
Length 40mm
Cable O/D 1.4mm
Weight 0.9g/ set
Packing 4pcs per set (Red/White/Blue/Green)
JAN CODE 4582387103186

発売日 10/13/2017

Release Note