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plugs index

The collet-chuck RCA plug, “Genesis”, pursues the ultimate accuracy by individual locking sleeve.

The hi-performance spade lug with innovative dual screw locking system.

The high-quality RCA gateway for lossless signal transmission.

The high-quality BNC gateway for lossless signal transmission.

spyt_si.jpgSPYT / GYT
The silver & gold Oyaide original Y-terminals which can be applied for both 6mm/8mm.

The extreme banana plug created by the fusion of the excellent sound and design quality.

focus1_si.jpgFOCUS 1
A high definition sound projector. The supreme XLR plug with one-touch push-pull function.

The extreme F-type plug for TV antenna with 5N pure silver contact pin.

.jpgosp_si.jpgP-3.5G / P-3.5GL / P-3.5SR / P-3.5SRL
The original 3.5 stereo mini plug series by hi-quality materials and accuracy.