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OEM order


We are welcome to your OEM order.

Since the day of establishment in 1952, we at Oyaide had opportunities to apply a number of State-of-Art technologies specific to our specialized cable store. Over the history, we have accumulatd a vast and deep storehouse of knowledge and technical know-how.

Unique to Oyaide products is our two-stage polishing process prior toplating: First the shaped part is machine polished. This is followed by careful buffing by hand.
All materials and parts used under the name of Oyaide are produced in Japan. We are proud of Japanese craftsmandhip which has proven to be highly reliable and of the highest quality in the world.

The contact of power plugs and receptacles are trimmed down from the same piece of material for avoiding degradation of sound signal by contact resistance. This is just one example of our dedication to acheving the highest sound quality withour any compromises.

For more details, please contact us at oem_order@oyaide.com
or hayato@oyaide.com.

The categories in below boxes are general products for OEM supply.

m_f_1_120.jpgPower plugs & connectors
genesis_120.jpgPlugs & connecters for signal
SPSL_12090.jpgTerminals for speaker cables
swo_120.jpgWall receptacles
3.5_120.jpg3.5mm stereo mini plugs
1430_120.jpgPCOCC-A internal wire