oyaide elec WARNING

WARNING of counterfeit products

Please be aware of the counterfiet products of Oyaide AC power plugs and IEC connectors!

Currently we have confirmed that counterfeit products with a similar appearance to the “P/C series” plugs are being distributed illegally. The original condition of genuine P/C series plugs before shipping consists of the following:

1) Each plug is placed in our unique Oyaide metal can (except for bulk purchases.
2) A hologram sticker has been placed on the side of the body since 2007.
3) The product neame sticker is now made from aluminum.

Counterfeit products are typically sold with a paper box or without a box, without sicker or plate and are made from different and significantly inferior materials, plating and components. Therefore, please exercise care when purchasing P/C series plugs, and please be sure that you are purchasing from authorized Oyaide distributors and dealers.